A Dolphinaris Guide to Save Money When Swimming with Dolphins

A Dolphinaris Guide to Save Money When Swimming with Dolphins

Where is the best place in Cancun to swim with a dolphin? The answer’s very easy. It’s Dolphinaris. They have the world’s best dolphinariums and dolphin trainers. The dolphins are always free to roam where they please. In fact, Dolphinaris is Mexico’s only dolphinarium to be certified by the European Association for Aquatic Mammals.

Now, how do you save money when swimming with dolphins in Dolphinaris? Let us give you six different ways for you to do that. Before you know it, you and your family will be face to face with one of the most intelligent and docile creatures on the planet.

  1. Receive discount by booking online:

Booking online at our Dolphinaris website has never been easier. All of the different available dolphin swims are explained very clearly. They even have a “compare your dolphin swim” breakdown that indicates which features are available to each package.

Best part yet? You can take advantage of our online booking discount.

Why go through the hassle of waiting in a long line? Get over with now and make your wallet a bit fatter while you do so.

  1. Use a live chat assistant:

Another great feature that all of our Dolphinaris website visitors love is our live chat assistants. Think of it as a retro throwback to the old days of travel agents. First, you travel to our Dolphinaris Website. Then you’ll notice a small window on the lower right-hand side of your screen will show up.

They are all bilingual and can answer any question you may have. Just sit back, and let our live chat assistants take care of everything.

The best part of our live chat assistants? You’re guaranteed to get the best deal on a Cancun/Tulum/Riviera Maya dolphin swim.

  1. Reserve 5 days in advance

Every moment you spend on a vacation is precious. The last thing you want to do is start a family debate about where to head to next. Get ahead of the game. Book 5 days in advance, and save you and your family time, money, and a lot of petty bickering.

  1. The Best Dolphin Swim Prices are available Monday-Friday

Beat the crowds. Head on over to Dolphinaris during the week and enjoy a dolphin swim for a better price. What’s not to love? You save money on your dolphin swim and you won’t be as cramped as you might be during the busy weekends.

  1. Check the latest available booking hours

Sometimes, when the schedule is clear, we can offer a “Last Call” special. So, be alert. Visit our Dolphinaris website and keep tabs. Chat with our Live Assistants. Stay in the know. Who knows? It could end up saving you and your family a lot of money on your dolphin swim.

  1. Take advantage of our summer promotions

If you want mega-savings, you have to try our summer promotions before it is too late! Look at these amazing deals.

First off, you can buy any dolphin swim and receive a FREE admission into Wet’n Wild Waterslide park. Not only that, but you always get all-inclusive as well! That’s free food + drinks, on top of a free admission to Wet’n Wild. How crazy is that!?

Our next summer promotion is 50% off our best dolphin swims. These swims include the “Trainer for a Day” and the “Triple Package”.

Our last summer promotion is 2 for 1 deals on dolphin swims in Cancun, Tulum, and Riviera Maya.

If you want to take advantage of these incredible money-saving deals on dolphin swims at Dolphinaris, you have to act FAST! These deals are expiring soon! Book now and save money at Dolphinaris!

We hoped you enjoyed our guide to Save Money When Swimming with Dolphins.

What to see in the Riviera Maya

What to see in the Riviera Maya

The Mayan Riviera is a majestic region that attracts millions of travelers from all over the world. What is the Mayan Riviera? The Mayan Riviera includes popular vacation destination Cancun, and up-and-coming Playa del Carmen as well.

It also features smaller yet still attractive places like Isla Mujeres, located just a couple miles off the coast of Cancun. There’s also Tulum, which is about an hour south of Playa del Carmen. And let’s not forget about Cozumel Island, just off the coast of Playa del Carmen.

If you’re new to the region, you’re going to need a Cancun sightseeing guide to help you navigate to all the hotspots.

Let’s get started!

What to see in the Riviera Maya:

Playa Tortugas:

This gorgeous beach is very popular with travelers. It’s located at kilometer 6.5 of Cancun’s hotel zone. It has everything you could want on a beach. Stunningly clear turquoise waters.  White sand as soft as powder.

Picture this: You’re laying back, enjoying the warm sunshine, and sipping on an ice-cold Corona. The music is pumping and the smell of good Mexican cuisine is in the air.

This is the ultimate place for relaxation.


Sometimes you don’t want relaxation. Sometimes, you just want a jungle adventure! Well, we have found the perfect spot for a jungle tour. Selvatica is Cancun and Latin America’s number one outdoor adventure park.

At Selvatica you can hop on an undeniably badass Polaris ATV and rip through the muddy jungle in style and comfort. If you’re not familiar with Polaris difference, just understand they are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of ATVs. The acceleration, the cushiony-suspension. The difference is noticeable immediately.

Feel like a kid again, and get dirty at Selvatica’s ATV park. You are on vacation, after all, right?

Casa Cenote:

Everyone is always asking: Where are the best cenotes in Cancun? Well, they should be asking, where are the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya?

A unique cenote to visit is Casa Cenote, located in Tulum, about a 2-hour drive south of Cancun. It isn’t a typical, circular cenote. This is a long, winding cenote that spans a few hundred yards. What attracts so many people here, is the water. It is so crystal clear, it will take your breath away.


Find me one person. Find me ONE person on this planet that doesn’t want to swim with dolphins. Impossible right? What better place to take your whole family, than Dolphinaris? Swim and interact with these majestic sea mammals and create a memory you can share with your family forever.

If you act now, Dolphinaris is holding an incredible summer promotion. If you buy a dolphin swim, you get an entry into Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park, for free! The best part is, they are adjacent to each other. Just a 30-second walk, and boom, you’re right there.

Isla Mujeres:

If you want the best snorkeling in Cancun, go to Isla Mujeres. If you’re not familiar, Isla Mujeres is located just a couple miles off the coast of Cancun. A brief ferry ride will take you there. There you can purchase a variety of snorkeling tours. Walk through Isla Mujeres’ idyllic downtown after you’re done.

Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park:

Like we mentioned above, for a limited time, you can get a free pass to Wet’n Wild. There you can find a variety of waterslides for you to cool off on. Some like it fast. Can I suggest the Kamikaze slide? Some like it peaceful. Can I suggest the Lazy River inner-tube float?

Ventura Park:

Wet’n Wild and Dolphinaris are actually located inside of Ventura Park. For an extra 20 bucks per person, you get access to Ventura Park’s other attractions like Fun World. Fun World features Cancun’s only roller coaster. You also get access to AaahVentura. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ve found heaven.

At AaahVentura, you can soar through the air on a zipline. You can do a crazy bungee-jump. You can test your agility of a wobbly hanging aerial bridge.

We hope our “what to see in Riviera Maya” guide will serve you will this summer vacation!

Selvatica’s Summer Blast Promotion

The best promotion of jungle this summer


Selvatica is Cancun’s best outdoor adventure park. For over two decades our extreme rides have thrilled millions of tourists from all over the planet. In fact, over 5 million travelers have glided through the air attached to one of our world-famous ziplines. It’s part of the reason why Trip Advisor awarded us a Certificate of Excellence for 2016—and why Trip Advisor deemed us best outdoor activity in Cancun for 5 consecutive years.

This summer find out why everyone on Trip Advisor loves Selvatica with our Summer Blast Promotion!

For a limited time, we will be offering a 10% discount for all online bookings. This promotion will do three very important things for your summer vacation. First, having something set in stone will build excitement and curiosity. Second, you will save precious time and petty squabbling not having to debate what comes next. And lastly, and most importantly, you end up with more cash in your pocket!

But that’s not all we have to offer you this summer.

The second leg of our Summer Blast Promotion is even more exciting. If you book now, you can save 30% on a combo package of swimming with dolphins at Dolphinaris and Selvatica’s Extreme Canopy tour. You’ll get to swim with a majestic dolphin and soar over a jungle canopy on our world-famous ziplines. Book now before the promotion ends!

So let’s recap, shall we?

With our first Summer Blast Promotion, you’ll:

  • Build Excitement
  • Save time and avoid bickering
  • End up with more cash in your pocket

Are you new to Selvatica? Let’s give you a brief breakdown of our 4 amazing adventure tours.

(Just a note, all our tours start off by hopping in one of our air-conditioned shuttles that takes you from your hotel straight to Selvatica. Then every tour is capped off by a reinvigorating swim in a crystalline cenote)

Extreme Canopy:

Everyone is buzzing about drones nowadays. Why? Because they offer you a bird’s eye view impossible to humans. Well, nearly impossible.
Soar through the air with our amazing ziplines in Cancun. Feel the rush while look down through the jungle canopy. Best of all, our zipline circuit features TWELVE ziplines for your entertainment.


Are you ready to get dirty? Rip through the jungle on top of our mud-flinging ATV. All the turns, potholes, and bumps will make for one heck of a jungle ride. Once you’re done there, head over to our incredible 12-circuit zipline. And what better way to finish things off with a reviving swim in a Mayan cenote.

Off-road Polaris:

There’s nothing like driving a badass Polaris ATV. If you’ve never tried the difference you’re in a for a real treat. The rapid acceleration and turn-on-a-dime suspension will make for the ultimate jungle tour. Once you’re done there, head over for some flying-through-the-air fun on our world-famous 8 circuit zipline.

Do you have what it takes to strap yourself to a bungee line and jump? You’ll find out on Selvatica’s bungee swing.

Do you have the agility to traverse across our wobbly hanging aerial bridges? Test your mettle at Selvatica.

summer blast in cancun

Gimme All:

This is Selvatica’s ultimate tour. You get EVERYTHING from above, except you ALSO get our crazy Tarzania ride. Our Tarzania ride combines the best of ziplines and roller-coasters. You’ve never seen anything like it. Plus, you also get our insane face-first superman zipline.

When it comes to outdoor adventure activities in Cancun no one does it better than Selvatica. This isn’t PR. This is what Trip Advisor tells year after year.

Join the party! Take advantage of our Summer Blast Promotion before it’s too late!


Ventura Park’s Summer Promotion for Mexicans

Ventura Park’s Summer Promotion for Mexicans

This summer Ventura Park has a special promotion just for you, ‘güey’. Yes, Ventura Park is rewarding its very own, Mexicans. Have you been thinking about traveling to Quintana Roo, to find out what all the fuss was about? Is Cancun really just drunken college students listening to techno music on some all-inclusive resort?

Of course not.

Cancun has so much more to offer you than just getting drunk at the beach. Cancun is about trying new exciting things at great prices.

And there’s no better place to try new exciting things than Ventura Park. So ‘andale’ Mexico, get out of your comfort zone. Come to Ventura Park. With Ventura Park’s summer promotion for Mexicans, you get the same attractions as any other traveler, except you pay a lot less. Nice, right?

Are you starting to consider getting off the coach and seeing what the world has to offer you yet? For how long can you watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix? Go outside and soak in the shining sun. Find out why millions of travelers visit Cancun every year.

Once you’re in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, Ventura Park is just a short drive away. And not to worry. Ventura Park has a comfy, air-conditioned bus that will pick you up from practically anywhere in the Hotel Zone.

Let’s take a look at Ventura Park’s Summer Promotion for Mexicans:

  1. Swim with Dolphins + Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park + All Inclusive

With this incredible summer promotion, you get to shelter from the scorching heat. Relax in the refreshing waters of Dolphinaris and swim with a dolphin! Spend quality time with these majestic sea-mammals—but that’s not all.

Slide down one of Wet’n Wild’s world-famous waterslides. Get a dose of adrenaline on waterslides like Kamikaze. Find peace of mind with our Lazy River inner tube float.

And to make this deal even sweeter—are you ready for it?

Unlimited food and beverages. If that isn’t sweet music to a Mexican’s ears, I don’t know what is.

Sale’s Price: 1,049 pesos—That’s a 65% discount from Regular Price of 3,024 pesos

  1. Ventura Park Unlimited: AaahVentura, Fun World, Wet’n Wild, Underworld and Grand Prix:

Do you not like to make choices? Are you the type of person that says “all of the above” when having to make a selection?

The more, the merrier, right?

Well, we have a promotion just for you. With Ventura Park Unlimited, you get EVERYTHING. We’re talking about AaahVentura, Fun World, Wet’n Wild, Underworld, and Grand Prix.

  • Go ziplining at AaahVentura.
  • Ride Cancun’s only roller-coaster at Fun World.
  • Slide on one of many waterslides at Wet’n Wild.
  • Try Virtual Reality at Underworld’s futuristic arcade.
  • Drive a go-kart alongside the sea at Grand Prix.

Why limit your options? Go for it all with this unique promotion.

Sale’s Price: 979 pesos—That’s a 30% discount from Regular Price of 1,400 pesos

  1. Ventura Park Adventure Pack (AaahVentura, Fun World, Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park, All Inclusive, 10-dollar credit for Underworld, 10-dollar credit for Grand Prix)

Get all the insane fun from the Ventura Park Unlimited package, except for a 10-dollar credit(each) for Underworld, and Grand Prix.

If you don’t see yourself riding a go-kart and spending time in a futuristic arcade all that much, this is for you.

Sales Price: 769 pesos—That’s a 30% discount from Regular Price of 1,099 pesos

  1. Ventura Park Fun Pack (AaahVentura, Fun World, Wet’n Wild Water Park and All Inclusive):

Do you love extreme adventures? Then we have a place perfect for you. It’s called AaahVentura. Here you can let loose by riding a zipline, doing a bungee swing, traversing across a hanging aerial bridge.

Once you’re done and sweaty, head over to Wet’n Wild Water Park to reinvigorate yourself on their many waterslides. Need to dry off? Go to Fun World and put yourself on spin cycle as you ride Cancun’s only rollercoaster.

Sales Price: 699 pesos—That’s a 30% discount from Regular Price of 999 pesos

Take advantage and save money with Ventura Park’s Summer Promotion for Mexicans.

Hurry! Book now as Promotion ends July 15th!





Four Reasons why you should Celebrate the Fourth of July at Ventura Park

Four Reasons why you should Celebrate the Fourth of July at Ventura Park

Today, The United Kingdom is facing turmoil after they decided to leave the European Union. “Brexit” is all everyone is talking about on the news. What on earth does this have to do with the Fourth of July?

Well 240 years ago, we engaged in a similar separation. 240 years ago, on the Fourth of July, the thirteen colonies separated from the United Kingdom.

The result? One of the greatest countries in the history of humanity: The United States of America!

So let the UK go through their identity crisis. We know who we are as Americans. We are one of the hardest workers on the planet. Day in and day out, we toil away at our jobs. Why? Because we love working? No! Because we love playing!

Americans work hard but play harder.

Celebrate your independence differently this time. Celebrate the Fourth of July at Ventura Park.

Here are four reasons why you should celebrate the Fourth of July at Ventura Park:

  1. Ventura Park: Many Worlds of Fun

When you come to Ventura Park you are entering a galaxy of entertainment. The way Ventura Park is set up, there are different worlds of entertainment throughout. To better fully understand, let’s give you a brief breakdown of each world.

Fun World:
Here you get a chance to ride Cancun’s only roller coaster!
Grand Prix:

When the rubber meets the road, who comes out on top? Stop bragging and prove it where it counts. Ride our seaside go-karts against all your friends and family.


Adrenaline junkies, this is where you get your fix. You’ll get your heart pumping with each extreme attraction like crazy ziplines, an insane bungee swing, hanging aerial bridges, and more!

If you want extreme adventure, you’ll love Aaahventura.


Time to scratch off another item off your bucket list. There’s nothing like swimming with a dolphin in Cancun. They are majestic sea mammals that understand us like no other animal can. To be in their presence is a truly magical experience.

Soar through the air with their world famous foot-push. Spend an entire day with these intelligent dolphins as a dolphin trainer! Learn their diet, behavioral patterns, and enjoy every dolphin maneuver available (foot-push, belly-ride, boogie push).


Travelers from all over the world come to Cancun for its warm sunshine. But sometimes, you need a break from the heat. What better way to do that, than to go to waterslide adventure park, Wetn’Wild.

You want fast waterslides? Try our Kamikaze.

Prefer to chill and relax? Try our Lazy River inner tube float.

Whatever you prefer, there’s a waterslide for you.

There’s even a park for the kids where they can play in a playground with a foot of water!

Jump 10 years into the Future!

Ventura Park has something the rest of Mexico doesn’t have. It’s so innovative and amazing, you have to experience it to believe it.

Find out what this technological breakthrough is, in a minute.

  1. Ventura Park is right here in Cancun’s Hotel Zone:

Maybe the best part about Ventura Park is, it’s right here! Situated on Kilometer marker 25, we’re in the heart of Cancun: The Hotel Zone. Use our complimentary air-conditioned shuttle service with our catch your ride program.

You’re on vacation to have fun, not spend the whole day traveling out of town. Everything you could possibly want from an amusement park is practically next door to your hotel.

More time laughing, and less time commuting.

  1. Eat and drink like a boss with Ventura Park’s All-inclusive packages

Get the all-inclusive package and dine on exquisite cuisine from all over the world—all without a care in the world either. Not to mention, you are now privy to all of the strategically located open bars. Beers, Margaritas, whenever you want.

Get the all-inclusive package.
Eat and drink like a boss.

  1. Futuristic Arcade, Underground, presents Virtual Reality!

Christmas has come early for Ventura Park visitors. Ventura Park’s futuristic arcade features many modern attractions. Take, for example, the laser tanks. Think bumper-cars meet laser tag. If you get shot, you’re going for a spin!

Or The Mission. Do you have what it takes to execute a high-stakes heist? Test your nimbleness through a grid of motion-detecting lasers.

But now there’s a new attraction at Underworld that has everyone in Cancun buzzing. Virtual Reality has arrived in Cancun thanks to Ventura Park.

This state-of-the-art VR setup, called VRevolution, comes with an oculus rift headset, and Virtualizer. The Virtualizer allows you to run, jump, walk, and crawl, all from a stationary position. There’s a harness as well that lets you lean back for maximum control and safety.

VRevolution. First-person shooting games just got real. Can you handle it?

So this Fourth of July—in the spirit of separation—break free from convention. Do something fresh and different.

Celebrate the Fourth of July at Ventura Park.


10 Reasons to become a citizen of the jungle

10 Reasons to become a citizen of the jungle

Why is Selvatica Latin America’s number one outdoor adventure park? Sure, there are tons of thrilling, adrenaline-pumping attractions. But it’s more profound than that. Selvatica is an experience.

The tribe culture Selvatica has cultivated allows for their friendly, charismatic staff to act as ‘tribe leaders’ for small groups of visitors. When you’re at Selvatica, you’re not a ticket number. You’re part of the Selvatica tribe. You become a citizen of the jungle.

Lucky for you guys, we’re always recruiting more members to the tribe.

Here are 10 reasons to become a citizen of the jungle:

  1. A Mayan Jungle Welcoming:

Traveling to Selvatica is a return to our original home; the jungle.

As you make your way through the jungle, there’s an exhilarating feeling that lets you know, ‘yes, you’re in the wild now’.

Thankfully, you can’t see a Mc Donalds anywhere in sight. But you can hear the jungle birds singing, smell the rich jungle breeze, feel the dense jungle humidity—and suddenly it becomes so clear to you now.

You’ve returned to the wild, to be wild.

  1. The Selvatica Tribe:

Part of the Selvatica experience is joining the Selvatica tribe and becoming a citizen of the jungle.

Everyone is put into groups led by a tribe leader. As soon as everyone is done they lead you to the next to activity. Everything is so well coordinated that you never end up waiting in some labyrinth of a line.

What’s truly special, though, is the friendly sense of humor every crewmember has. They pump up those are excited, and give confidence to those who are anxious. They give you crystal clear instructions, making sure everyone understands what is expected of them. They strike the perfect balance between fun and safety that is so necessary for these types of activities.

When you’re at Selvatica, you’re not just a visitor. You’re part of the Selvatica tribe. You’re a citizen of the jungle.

  1. Thousands of reasons why Selvatica is Trip Advisor’s best outdoor adventure park in Cancun:

Trip Advisor has over 80 million unique visitors each month. Their peer review system is considered the gold standard in the travel industry. The truth will reveal itself through Trip Advisor.

The truth revealed about Selvatica was simple. Selvatica is the best outdoor adventure attraction in Cancun. Selvatica has thousands of perfect 5-star reviews raving about our wild attractions and awesome crewmembers. In fact, Trip Advisor has given us the award for “best outdoor attraction in Cancun” for five consecutive years.

Find out what so many others have proclaimed to the world: Selvatica does extreme adventures better than anyone in the Riviera Maya.

  1. OMG Ziplines:

When they first put you in the harness, and you realize you will be flying face-first over a jungle canopy your heart starts pumping a bit more rapidly. Doubt and uncertainty start to creep in.

Then they let you go, and all your fears evaporate. All you feel is pure exhilaration.

You’re defying millions of years of evolution.

You are now flying.

  1. 100% Peace-of-mind security:

When you participate in extreme adventures, it’s natural to feel a bit nervous before. But just remember this. There is no outdoor adventure company in Cancun with more experience than Selvatica. We have over two decades of experience.

We understand that having top of the line equipment is paramount to your safety. It’s why our harnesses are made in France and not China.

Remove any uncertainty you may have with some other company. Rest assured, when you’re with Selvatica, you’re with the most experienced outdoor adventure company in Quintana Roo.

  1. Live young and get muddy:

Remember what it was like to let loose as a child and get muddy from head to toe? Relive the freedom from your youth. Ride a badass Polaris ATV and rip through the jungles muddy terrain.

If you’ve never ridden a Polaris, you’ll immediately appreciate the difference. They feature world-class suspension. You won’t feel a single pothole. Between the tight turning, quick acceleration, low center of gravity, Polaris provides the ultimate ATV experience.

A muddy Polaris ATV ride through the jungle is where adulthood meets childhood at Selvatica.

  1. Nerve-wracking Hanging Aerial Bridges:

They’re high up off the ground. They’re terribly wobbly. And now it’s your turn to cross. Will you slip? Can you focus through the fear? Are you nimble enough?

Test your mettle with our hanging aerial bridges.

Find out what you’re made of at Selvatica.

  1. The fountain of youth is real, they’re called Cenotes:

You’re exhausted. You’re sweaty. You’re muddy. You need a pick-me-up in the worst way. What you need is a quick revitalizing dip in a crystal clear cenote.

Enter the cenote fatigued and filthy.

Exit the cenote reinvigorated and clean as a whistle.

  1. Conquer Fear itself:

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the conquering of fear itself. Being born fearless is not a virtue. You’ve done nothing to attain it. But exhibiting courage and conquering your fears? That’s the sort of behavior that makes a person better.

Selvatica will present you with a platform for human improvement.

Find someone who has just conquered all of Selvatica’s attractions, and you will have found a person confident enough to take on any challenge.

Leave Selvatica a stronger, more mentally tough person than you entered.

  1. Leave your legacy through Selvatica’s Seed of Life program:

The star of the show at Selvatica is not the attractions, though they are wildly thrilling. It is not the staff, although they are essential to the Selvatica experience. No. The real star of the show is the Mayan Jungle.

We’ve come to the jungle to help us have a day filled with amusement. In just one day, the jungle has given us a lifetime of memories while making us a person with more grit and character. It’s only fair, we restore the balance and honor the jungle by giving back.

Give back to the jungle with


Selvatica’s seed of life program. Place a seed inside of an expired helmet and plant it into the ground. Our seed of life program is responsible for over 300,000 trees! We’ve reduced the carbon footprint by millions of tons.

There you have it. 10 reasons to become a citizen of the jungle.

Just remember, when you’re with Selvatica, you’re not a tourist, you’re a tribe member.