Zipline in Cancun’s Jungle at Selvatica [4 WILD Reasons]

Zipline in Cancun’s Jungle at Selvatica [4 WILD Reasons]

Why vacation in Cancun? Because Cancun is where dreams come true. This is the place where truly anything can happen. Most people think Cancun is where you lay down at the beach all day. Yawn. There’s more to Cancun than that!

Why vacation in Cancun? Because Cancun is the land of amazing adventures.

If you want to try something for the first time, there’s no better place than Cancun. The natural sceneries are stunning. The locals provide enthusiastic customer support. And the prices? Well, you’re not going to find prices this low in the US, that’s for sure.

But where in Cancun can you find the best adventures? Where is the best place to zipline in Cancun?

That place is outdoor adventure park, Selvatica. Let me give you 4 wild reasons why you should zipline in Cancun’s Jungle at Selvatica.

  1. Welcome to the Jungle!

Sure, everyone knows about Cancun’s beaches. But the real adventure is in the wild. In the jungle. Smell the jungle breeze in the air. There’s really nothing like it. Listen to the parrot’s squawk. Watch them spread their brightly colored plumage.

You see that dense jungle canopy over you?

In not too long, you’re going to be looking down at that canopy. You’re going to be looking eye-to-eye with those parrots. That’s the only way to zipline in Cancun. In the thick Mayan jungle.

Here’s where your spirit will return to its primal self.  This is where we all originated.

Welcome Home. Welcome to Selvatica.

  1. O.M.G. Is that a human roller-coaster?

Now that you’re pumped and ready to go, let’s have some extreme outdoor fun. Who has the best ziplines in Cancun? Selvatica!

Let me explain why.

Selvatica has the most insane zipline ever. No, really. It’s so crazy and wild, it’s more than a zipline. In fact, it’s more like a human roller-coaster.

Ziplines use gravity to pull you in one direction. Those are actually really fun. Selvatica’s extreme canopy tour has PLENTY of them. You can go upside-down. Face-first. It’s extreme entertainment at its finest.

But that’s just the beginning…

Introducing: Tarzania, the Human Roller-Coaster!

What makes this different? First you’ll go down. But then you’ll go up quickly. Then back down. Oh yeah, you’re also going left, but then right. This Cancun zipline is in a class of its own. There’s NO other zipline in Cancun even close to this.

If this zipline doesn’t make you go ‘AAAAAH’, you’re not alive.

This is Selvatica. Home to the ONLY Human Roller-Coaster in Cancun

  1. Wanna make a big splash? Zipline into a Cenote!

Who doesn’t love a cenote? They’re crystal clear. Refreshing. Clean. Best of all? No saltiness to deal with after.

Let’s face it: After spending a wild day in the humid jungle, you’re going to need some freshening up before you head back. Why not enjoy yourself in the process?

Picture this: You’re muddy. Sweaty. And super exhausted. And then you see it. A sparkling cenote just beckoning you to enter. But you’re not going to just walk in the cenote. You’re in Selvatica! Land of the wild. Home of the extreme. No. When you’re in Selvatica, you don’t back down from a challenge.

You walk up the stairs. Grab on the zipline and jump off and then SPLASH!

Now that’s how you make an entrance at Selvatica!

  1. Over 20 years in the extreme outdoor biz

There’s a reason nobody does outdoor adventures like Selvatica. Selvatica has over 20 years of experience—more than other company in Cancun.

What does this mean for you? When you’re at Selvatica, you can feel safe and secure. They know what they’re doing. This isn’t a marketing slogan. They have the track record of safety to prove it.

Wanna go ziplining in Cancun? Go with the experts. Go with Selvatica.

There you have if folks. That was 4 wild reasons to ziplining in Cancun’s jungle at Selvatica. Which was your favorite reason? Did we miss one? Sound off below!

9 Incredible Types of Dolphins in Mexico

9 Incredible Types of dolphins in Mexico

The Mexican Caribbean Sea is filled with spectacular life. Everyone’s favorite? The dolphin! Why? Because they’re smart, friendly, and social. They even seem to enjoy our company as well. There are even stories of dolphins rescuing people from shark attacks!

But there isn’t just one kind of dolphin. There are many types of dolphins. Each species is unique its own way.

What types of dolphins live in the Gulf of Mexico?

Let’s examine, dolphin by dolphin, each of the 9 dolphin types that live in Mexico.

Together, we’ll learn about their:

  • habitat
  • diet
  • physical dimensions, and much more.

Here are 9 incredible types of dolphins in Mexico:


1.       Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin | 9 Incredible Types of dolphins in Mexico

This is the most commonly known dolphin. If you ever go on a dolphin swim in Cancun, this would be the dolphin you’d meet.


These guys are strong swimmers. They even like to jump out of the water (sometimes several yards high). Depending on the climate, they may stay in the same area for a while. They’ve even been known to cooperate with local fisherman. When they dive—it’s rarely for longer than a few minutes. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a bottlenose dolphin to approach a small boat.


Of course, they are found in the Mexican Caribbean. However, there also located in the Mediterranean, Black, and Red Sea. It’s rare you’ll see them north of the United Kingdom.


Mainly fish and squid. Like all dolphins, they not only eat food, but they ‘eat’ they’re hydration as well. All of their water comes from their diet.

Adult Size:

Adults vary from 6 to 12 feet in length. They weigh from 330 – 1,435 lbs.

Latin Name:

Tursiops (meaning ‘looks like a dolphin’)  truncates (shortened)

2.       Clymene Dolphin

Clymene Dolphin | 9 Incredible Types of dolphins in Mexico

This dolphin is known for having black ‘lips’. It is actually a hybrid between the spinner and striped dolphin.


Recent observations suggest they enjoy breaching the water and landing on their back or sides. They are also known to approach small boats. They are nocturnal hunters.


The location of these dolphins is poorly known. It has been seen throughout the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Africa, and North and South America. New Jersey is the farthest north they’ve been seen.


Fish, squid and octopus.

Adult Size:

From 5-6 feet and 110-200 lbs.

Latin Name:

Stenella clymene

Derived from Greek Mythology.

3.        Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin


They are known to ‘bow-ride’ in front of boats. They’ve been spotted frequently with bottlenose dolphins which has caused some confusion.


During the summer, they tend to be near the shore. Found both in the north and south Atlantic Ocean.


Fish, squid, octopus

Adult Size:

From 5-7 feet and 220-330 lbs.

Latin Name:

Stenella frontalis

Stenella derived from Greek Mythology and frontalis means ‘forehead’ in Latin.

4.       Fraser’s Dolphin

Fraser's Dolphin


This dolphin is a deep diver. They are known to hunt at depths of 820-1,640 ft. Unlike a lot of other dolphins, the Fraser’s dolphin mostly stays away from boats.


With the exception of the Gulf of Mexico, this dolphin stays mainly in the Pacific and Indian oceans. They also are rarely seen inshore, preferring to stay farther out.


Fish, squid, octopus

Adult Size:

6-8 feet and 350-460 lbs.

Latin Name:

Lagenodelphis hosei

Means ‘toothed whale’ in Latin

5.       Pantropical Spotted Dolphin

Pantropical Spotted Dolphin


This is a very active dolphin. So much so, that can be sighted from afar, simply from the froth they produce from frequent breaches. They are known to have impressive hang time.


These dolphins are found mainly where the water temperature is above 77 F (particularly in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean.


Fish, squid, octopus, and occasionally krill.

Adult Size:

5-8 ft. and 200-255 lbs.

Latin Name:

Stenella attenuate

(means ‘narrow & tapered’ in Latin)

6.       Risso’s Dolphin

Risso Dolphin


Only adolescents perform full breaches out of the water. Adults jump out halfway, and slap the side of their heads against the water. They can stay underwater for 30 minutes. Only in rare instances have they been observed bow-riding.


These dolphins tend to be found within 7 miles off the coast. They enjoy warm water, but will actually travel to cooler waters during the summer.


Mainly squid and octopus with occasional fish.

Adult Size:

8-12 feet and 660-1,100 lbs.

Latin Name:

Grampus griseus

(originally meaning ‘fat fish’ in Latin)

7.       Rough-toothed Dolphin

Rough-toothed Dolphin


These dolphins are rarely observed as they tend to spend a lot of time underwater (up to 15 minutes). When they breach the water, it is only done half-heartedly. They will bow-ride, but much less frequently than other dolphins.


They tend to avoid colder waters. There exists a permanent population in the Mediterranean Sea. In recent years, many have been spotted off the coast of Hawaii and Brazil.


Fish, squid or octopus

Adult Size:

7-8 feet and 220-230 lbs.

Latin Name:

Steno bredanensis

(Steno means “narrow” in Greek and Bredanesis was named after a researcher whose last name was “Von Breda”)

8.       Spinner Dolphin

Spinner Dolphin


The spinner dolphin may be the best breaching dolphin in the world. They are known to breach up to 3 yards in breach. The coolest part? They spin on a longitudinal axis up SEVEN times in on breach. Hence, the name ‘spinner’.


The spinner dolphin has a very broad range. They tend to be found far out to sea, but at times close to shore. They prefer tropical climates.


Squid, octopus or fish.

Adult Size:

4-7 feet and 100-165 lbs.

Latin Name:

Stenella longirostris

(Steno means “narrow” in Greek, while ‘longirostris’ means ‘long snout’ in Latin)

9.       Striped Dolphin

Striped Dolphin


Like the Spinner dolphin above, the striped dolphin is capable of incredible acrobatics. They have been observed breaching an eye-popping 15 feet out of the air. That’s not all. They can do back-flips, tail-spins and jump in and out of the water repeated—upside down!

They can also dive up to 655 feet deep when hunting.


These dolphins are found in clusters all over the world. They have been spotted off the coast of Japan, China, and Mexico among other warm, temperate areas.


Fish, octopus, or squid.

Adult Size:

6-8 feet and 200-300 lbs.

Latin Name:

Stenella coeruleoalba

(Steno means ‘narrow’ in Greek, while coeruleoalba means ‘blue white’ in Latin)

There you have it folks. That was our guide to the 9 incredible types of dolphins in Mexico. So, let’s hear it: Which Mexican dolphin is your favorite?


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5 Amazing Things to do in Cancun with Kids [of ALL ages!]

5 Amazing Things to do in Cancun with Kids [of ALL ages!]

Going on vacation can is tricky. Going on vacation with kids? Now that is a delicate process. You’ll want everything planned ahead of time. Why? The last thing you want to do, is to start a family debate.

No matter the decision, someone will end up pouting. And then what? That person is going to drag their feet throughout. Sound familiar? Then this vacation, plan ahead of time. Find something everyone can enjoy. You may be thinking ‘sounds great, but I have young kids AND teens.’

How in the world will I find something ALL my kids will enjoy?

That’s where Cancun comes to the rescue. Cancun is home to many crazy fun adventures. Many of them unique to Cancun. You just don’t find these Cancun activities back home.

The best part?

They won’t break the bank either. And let’s face it. When you’re traveling with kids, there’s a lot to consider. Not only is there more tickets to buy. They’re going to get hungry. And thirsty. How much is that going to cost?

Not to worry!

What if I told you, there’s a place everyone will have a blast? Yes, everyone.

Let me share a story with you.

Meet the Millers.

Dad is general manager at the local grocery store. Mom is an accountant at the same shop. Together, they have 3 kids. Brad just turned 16. He’s worried the vacation will be a snooze. ‘I know we’re just going to end up at some Chuck-E Cheese like place for kids’ he laments.

Melissa is 11 and a half (hey, it makes a difference!). Melissa doesn’t want to do anything scary. ‘Please don’t let Brad pick where we go!’ she exclaims. And Matt? He just hopes his parents let him participate. ‘Last time they said I couldn’t go on the roller coaster even though I was tall enough!’

Mom and Dad? They have all of that to consider, plus themselves. Because hey…they need to enjoy themselves too!

They just want to relax. Unwind. Dare I say…get pampered?

So What’s the Perfect Solution?

We have the magic cure to your family vacation woes.

Here are 5 Amazing Things to do in Cancun with Kids [of ALL ages!].

You see…

Ventura Park has many worlds of entertainment inside for everyone. Located right in the hotel zone, it’s the perfect attraction for families. Let’s take a further look inside each world.

  1. It’s bucket-list time at Dolphinaris:

Now here’s something for the whole family! Who doesn’t love dolphins? ‘Wow…How often do you see Matt, Melissa, AND Brad equally excited?’ Mom whispers to Dad.

‘Swimming with dolphins in Cancun…What a way to start the day huh?’ Dad acknowledges.

And with Ventura Park…that’s just the beginning.

  1. Wet’n Wild Water Park Adventure Park:

‘Where to next?’ a smiling Matt asks Mom. ‘Well, we’re all still wet, so let’s head over to Wet’n Wild’ Dad jumps in. ‘Yeah!’ Brad agrees.

‘But what are we going to do?’ Mom asks about her and Melissa. ‘Yeah, those slides look scary!’ Melissa confirms.

‘Oh no’ Dad thinks to himself. This is where the debate begins. But then he remembers. ‘Isn’t there a Lazy River Inner-tube float?’ he asks. ‘Oh yeah! I forgot about that! Let’s do that Melissa!’ Mom says, preventing disaster before it happens.

And so everyone gets what they want. Dad, Brad and Matt go on fast slides like the Kamikaze. Mom and Melissa? They take it easy and float peacefully in the Lazy River.

That’s Ventura Park in a nutshell. Something for everyone.

  1. Ziplines and Bungee Swings

Now that everyone has had some family bonding time, Brad wants what he came for. He wants an adrenaline rush. ‘You’ve earned it Son’ Dad agrees.

‘Why don’t we do this’ Dad begins suggesting to Mom. ‘Why don’t you, Matt, and Melissa head over to Fun World, while Brad and I go to AaahVentura?’

‘Sounds good to me’ Mom agrees.

Before Brad knows it, it’s his turn to jump over the ledge for the Bungee Swing. ‘OMG I Can’t believe I am doing this…just wait till my buddies back home hear about this…they’re going to be so jealous!’

  1. Meanwhile…at Fun World

‘A Roller-coaster, crazy chair swing, merry-go round…now this is more like it’ Mom expresses. Immediately Matt wants to go on the roller-coaster. Melissa is hesitant, but says she’ll do it once she learns Mom’s going too. ‘But then you have to go on the merry-go round with me!’ Melissa tells Matt.

Once they’re all done at Fun World, Mom realizes they still have some time. Dad and Brad won’t be back for another 30 minutes. Then Matt sees it. ‘Cool! Go-karts!!!’

‘There really are so many amazing things to do in Cancun with kids in Ventura Park’ Mom thinks to herself.

  1. The Perfect Ending to an Amazing Family Day Vacation

‘Wow, I’m beat!’ Dad says to Mom. ‘Me too! I need a break!’ Mom agrees. Then Matt comes up with a brilliant idea. ‘We’re dry now, so why don’t I take Melissa and Matt to Underworld…I saw they have an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset there!’ ‘And then we, can go to El Beacho Club and unwind’ Dad fills in the rest.

Can you picture a more perfect ending to a splendid day?

The kids get their hands on the latest cutting edge technology in arcade games, and the parents get to live the good life. The beach club life. They get to lay on a plush bed by the sea while waiters bring them ice-cold margaritas and mouth-watering seafood ceviche.

Ventura Park really is the perfect place if you’re looking for things to do in Cancun with kids.

Good News! There’s no reason you and your family can’t have the same success the Millers did.

The secret to this ideal family vacation? Booking early and get a discount. Don’t forget to go all-inclusive at Ventura Park. Get every meal and drink FOR FREE.  Pretty sweet huh?

There you have it folks. That was 5 Amazing Things to do in Cancun with Kids [of ALL ages!]. Want to add something to the list? Sound off below!

5 Interesting Facts About Bottlenose Dolphins

5 Interesting Facts About Bottlenose Dolphins

What does everyone know about bottlenose dolphins? Well, let’s see. Everyone knows that dolphins are amazing creatures. But let’s get more specific. We all know that dolphins are not fish, but mammals. We also know that they’re super intelligent and friendly. But have you ever wondered why that is?

Do you want to learn something new about bottlenose dolphins?

Great! Then let’s talk about what you don’t know about dolphins. When you’re done with this helpful guide, you’ll learn 5 interesting facts about bottlenose dolphins. Sound good? Then let’s jump in!

  1. Heads or Tails? Find out why Dolphins always choose tails.

Did you know dolphins are the only mammal that gives birth, tail first? It’s not only bottlenose dolphins but all cetaceans. They do this to help prevent their calves from drowning.

It is possible that it happens head first, but that is rare.

  1. Dolphins never drink water

Yes. It’s true. Dolphins don’t drink water. Sounds like complete nonsense right? Well, it’s not. Let me explain why. It’s actually common sense once you think of it. Dolphins, at least the majority, live in the saline waters of the ocean.

And as famous writer Samuel Taylor Coleridge once penned “Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.”

Of course, dolphins could drink salt water. But that would dehydrate them even more. So how do they do it? Do they have special filters in their mouths that remove salt as they drink it?


It’s much simpler than that. They receive hydration from their diet. In other words, when they’re eating, they’re also drinking. You see? I told you they didn’t drink their water. Pretty cool huh?

  1. Dolphins have the second biggest brain on the planet—kind of
    We all know dolphins are intelligent. We covered that above. But why? Well, the reason for their intelligence is their complex brain.

It’s hard to measure intelligence. Clearly, a dolphin won’t be able to take the same IQ tests as humans. So how do we compare the intelligence of multiple species? Some say the best way is the EQ method. EQ stands for encephalization quotient. That’s a fancy (and difficult to pronounce!) way of saying how big your brain is relative to your body.

The higher the number, the greater the intelligence.

Got it? Let’s try it out with a human. Humans have an EQ of 7.0. Now, alone, that means nothing right? So let’s compare with other intelligent species.

Whales, great apes, and elephants have an EQ of 1.8-2.3. Starting to get a better picture?

So where do dolphins fit on this scale? Dolphins have an EQ of 4.2! They have the greatest EQ score of species not named homo sapiens.

It’s interesting to note, that animals with high EQ scores tend to:

  1. Live long lives
  2. Form stable communities
  3. Require parents throughout childhood

The takeaway? Help your neighbor! It’s not only the right thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do!

  1. Dolphins can stay awake for 2 weeks!

A new study revealed that dolphins can stay awake for multiple days at a time!

Dolphins sleep only half a brain at a time. This is called unihemispheric sleep. This allows them to rest, yet at the same time, monitor their environment for danger.

  1. There’s a pink dolphin with whiskers!

In the Amazon River, there exists an incredible creature: the boto, or Amazon River Dolphin. It is a freshwater dolphin that is pink! Some are only pink on their bellies, but others are pink everywhere.

Even cooler?

They have whiskers around their mouths! It provides them with a sense of touch while they forage for food.

  1. Dolphins have no sense of smell

Dolphins lack any olfactory nerve (responsible for smelling) in their brains. Instead, they use their sense of taste.

Don’t feel too bad. They have echolocation, and we don’t!

  1. Dolphins are capable of altruism

For centuries there have been stories of sailors saved by dolphins. Only more recently have we confirmed this.

Just recently there was a surfer attacked by a shark. Who came to the rescue? No. Not the lifeguard. He was too busy checking out the girl in the bikini (we can presume, right?). It was actually a dolphin!

You have to remember something: Dolphins are not invincible to sharks. So that dolphin actually risked its life to save a different species.

If that doesn’t absolutely warm your heart, I don’t know what will.

There you have it, folks. That was 5 Interesting Facts About Bottlenose Dolphins. Fascinating stuff huh?

Did we miss any cool dolphin facts? Please do us a favor and remind us what we left out in the comments below. Thanks!

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5 Insane Things to do in Cancun When it Rains in September

5 Insane Things to do in Cancun When it Rains in September

So you finally did it. You finally decided to come to Cancun. You saved up money. Took time off from work. Got your passport updated. Bags are packed. Hotel booked. Airport transfer shuttle paid for.

Everything is in order. But then…

Rain!? On your vacation?? Could things get any worse?  I mean, these sort of things only happen to you, right? You can already feel the embarrassment coming on. You know everyone will ask you ‘how was your big trip to Cancun?” ‘Oh well, at least I tried’ you think to yourself… ‘At least I can stay inside a nice hotel.’

Nonsense! Don’t give up!

This is CANCUN we’re talking about! The land of extreme adventure. You think a little rain is going to stop you from having fun in Cancun!? Pfft. Let me show you something that will save your Cancun vacation.

I’m not talking about having a positive attitude, and pretending the rain isn’t there. I’m not recommending that you go to the beach, and simply hold an umbrella over you. No. I’m not recommending you run from the rain. I’m saying you should run TO the rain.

Embrace it. Feel lucky.

How in the world are you going to do that? It’s easy actually. Here’s our guide to 5 Insane Things to do in Cancun When it Rains in September. Genius, right?

1.       Grip it and Rip it with a Kickass Polaris ATV

When life throws us lemons, we do what? We make kickass lemonade is what we do. So there’s a little rain here and there. So what? So the ground is muddy. Who cares?

When you’re behind the wheel of an exhilarating Polaris ATV, these are all GOOD things. Why? Because Polaris ATVs eat mud for breakfast. They were specifically designed for this terrain.

Plus, did we mention Polaris makes this ATV!? We doubt you’ve ever experienced suspension this good. The acceleration? You’ll feel like a kid again. Speaking of which…

The mud is your friend. This is Cancun. Let loose. Let the mud fly. Get dirty.

Think about it.

This is the Mayan Jungle. This is Selvatica. This is how we roll.

2.       Soar Over the Mayan Jungle Canopy on a Thrilling Zipline

People did not evolve to fly. We don’t have wings. We’re all stuck down here. Unless…

Find out what it feels to fly! There’s no rush like soaring through the air on a zipline. The view itself is worth the price of admission. This is one of the best Cancun rainy day activities.

Why? Because you’re going to love the way the rain feels as you’re zipping by. It’s the perfect antidote to the hot, steamy weather.

You see? We told you we’d find a way to embrace the rain.

3.       O.M.G. Is that a…Bungee Swing!?

You came to Cancun for adventure right? Well, then there’s no backing down now. You wanted to create memories of a lifetime right? Then just close your eyes and do it. No thinking. Just doing.

We’re talking about walking over the edge. We’re talking about a bungee swing. First, you climb the stairs attached to the tree. Then, they strap you to the bungee. Then it’s time.

No more waiting. No more procrastinating. No more watching ‘the other guys’ jump off. Now it’s your turn. Now is your chance to conquer fear itself, and check off another item from your bucket list.

Let’s do it together. On three. One-Two-Three!!!

WOW. Talk about an adrenaline rush huh?

4.       Discover the Fountain of Youth—A Mayan Cenote!

There’s nothing more fun than a Mayan jungle adventure in the rain. The temperature is perfect. The activities are insanely thrilling. The mud? Well…it’s everywhere.

Not to worry…

You think we’re going to let you go home like that? Sweaty, muddy, and exhausted?

This is Selvatica you’re talking about. We didn’t become the number one outdoor attraction (5 years in a row!) with that mentality.

Introducing: The Mayan Fountain of Youth.

You know the reinvigorating feeling you get after you take a shower? Imagine that…ON STERIODS. The crystal clear fresh water will cleanse you to the core.

The best part?

You don’t walk in our cenotes. You hang on to the zipline, and let go right in the middle!

5.       Participate in the Circle of Life

Wow. What an adventure huh? We told you a little rain wasn’t going to stop you. In fact, just admit it. The rain made it even more awesome. So let’s not forget to pay our respects to the star of the show: The Mayan Jungle.

Without her, none of this is possible. But how can you help?

It’s simple. After you’re all done, place a seed in an expired helmet. Dig a small hole. Place the helmet inside the hole. Add some water. And Voila!

Soon enough, you’ll have contributed to another tree in the Mayan jungle. Pretty cool huh?

Selvatica’s Seed of Life program has shrunk our carbon footprint by over 7.8 million tons of carbon!

There it is folks. That was 5 Insane Things to do in Cancun When it Rains in September. So the next time your vacation buddy says “Oh no! What are we going to do in Cancun if it rains?”. Tell them to relax. Show them this article and book a trip to Selvatica. Cancun’s best outdoor adventure park.

Did we miss anything cool? Sound off below in the comments!

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Mexico’s Real Independence Day? (Hint, it’s NOT Cinco de Mayo!)

Mexico’s Real Independence Day? (Hint, it’s NOT Cinco de Mayo!)

Ask 9 out of 10 Americans if they know when Mexico’s independence day is, and they will say: Sure. It’s Cinco de Mayo!

But guess what? They would be wrong. The truth? Cinco de Mayo is a bigger holiday in the United States than it is in Mexico!

Umm…Then what’s Cinco de Mayo?

How could that be? Well, for one, Mexico had already been independent for more than 50 years when “Cinco de Mayo” happened in 1862. Mexico was still finding its footing as an independent nation. They were facing financial ruin. France—at this time, still very much an imperialist powerhouse—saw an opportunity.

But Mexico wasn’t having any of it. In a tiny village called Puebla, Mexico a rallying cry was held. Eventually, 2,000 proud Mexican villagers (NOT soldiers) fought against 6,000 well-equipped French soldiers.

The result?

Puebla, Mexico won the battle! They defeated French soldiers 5 to 1 despite being outnumbered 3 to 1. France eventually retreated.

But wait…Why United States?

Good question. The United States didn’t want a such a powerful rival so near to them. Why? The United States weren’t…well, for lack of a better term, ‘united’ at that time. They were in the middle of a civil war. The Confederates were trying to be their own country.

That was part of France’s plan. They wanted to support the Confederates. As Sun Tzu says: “enemy of your enemy, is your friend.” But going to war against the US? France would need Mexico as a home base.

Cinco de Mayo is the New St. Patrick’s Day

The United States recognized they had a common enemy with Mexico.  They even supported their resistance against France. So when Mexico defeated the French forces, United States celebrated. At first, primarily in Southern California.

Then year after year, the celebration spread. By the 1960’s some corporations began sponsoring them. By 1980, it was a national trend, and it hasn’t slowed down since. Like St. Paddy’s Day, every year, you can bet American’s are going to be drinking and partying.

Mexico’s Real Independence Day?

By now we’ve firmly established that Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico’s Independence day. So, what is it then?

Mexico celebrates its Independence day every September 16th.

But how did it happen?

And so it began: Dia del Grito

For over three centuries Spain held dominion over Mexico. That’s 300 years! Think about that. That’s 60 years longer than United States has been a country. Crazy, right?

By September 16, 1810, Mexico said, enough is enough. Well, ok, not in those words exactly. It was actually a Catholic priest named Miguel Hidalgo who kicked it off. They call him the “Father of Mexican Independence.” It all started when he gave a famous speech at Dolores, Mexico.

The speech is known today as “Grito de Dolores.”

It was the rallying cry that got everything started. Everyone rallied together and fought back. They came SO close to capturing the Mexican capital. But they didn’t. And then Spain became angry. Very angry.

Spain Fights Back

Clearly, Spain was not happy with Hidalgo. Eventually, they caught him and executed him. But by this point, there was no going back. Spain cut off the head. But another grew in its place.

Immediately after Hidalgo, there was: José María Morelos y Pavón, Mariano Matamoros, and Vicente Guerrero. These peasant leaders continued the rebellion.

Why Royalists Turned Rebels

Here’s the irony.

Royalists were people of Spanish decent. They enjoyed privileges Mestizos (those mixed with the natives) couldn’t. Because of these privileges, they were fine with Spanish dominion. But then rebels slowly started gaining power. Once it looked like they were going to take over, and minimize their Royalist privileges, they started to rethink the situation.

Essentially they said, “maybe we’re better off without Spain.”

And so Royalist turncoat, Agustín de Iturbide, brokered a deal with Vicente Guerrero. The result? Mexico established itself as an independent constitutional monarchy. The catch?

Mexicans of pure Spanish descent would keep the privileges not afforded to mestizos and natives.

Nevertheless, Mexico freed itself. What started with a powerful speech, ended in sovereignty.

There you have it. That’s the story of Mexico’s real independence day. Did we get something wrong? Maybe we left out an important event? Please correct us below!

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LAUNCHING Oct. 15th|4 Reasons to Visit Dolphinaris Arizona


4 Reasons to Visit Dolphinaris Arizona

Are you bored of the same old routine? Looking for something new to do in Scottsdale? Well, guess what? Dolphinaris Arizona is coming to Scottsdale this October 15th!

How many times have you spent a Saturday afternoon watching reruns on TV? There’s no shame in that. It happens. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut. The best cure?

Go outside. Go do something memorable with your friends. You know? Something exciting. Something that will have you reminiscing for years to come. Need a suggestion?

Try visiting the latest Scottsdale tourist attraction: Dolphinaris Arizona. Swimming with our dolphins is the best way to shorten your bucket list.

Not sold yet? That’s ok.

Let us give you 4 Reasons to visit Dolphinaris Arizona this Oct. 15th:

  1. Trip Advisor Loves Dolphinaris

Everyone on Trip Advisor agrees. Dolphinaris Arizona does things differently from other dolphinariums.

Don’t believe us?

Just listen to what Mark from Oklahoma had to say just a few weeks ago on Trip Advisor:

We’ve done a couple of dolphin swims before so we really weren’t too excited about doing it again, but decided to go because our six grandchildren were going. Great decision! It was by far our best dolphin encounter. The other adults in our group agreed. It was their best encounter also. Daphne was our trainer and she was wonderful with the children. She remembered the names of all our grandchildren and the names of the adults. This made it very personal. The facility was clean. The encounter was organized and lots of fun. The Dolphins were absolutely amazing! We got our full time. The pictures were excellent. The smiles on our grandchildren’s faces is something we’ll always treasure.”

But that’s not all. There are actually hundreds of Trip Advisor reviews just like this one.

Click here to read Mark’s post (and others like it) on Trip Advisor.

  1. Shorten your bucket list!

Life is short. Remember: this isn’t a rehearsal. There’s no worse feeling than regret. We only get one chance to shorten our bucket list. We only get one chance to live out our dreams.

The top of many people’s bucket list? Swimming with dolphins!

Interacting with these intelligent, sentient creatures is like nothing you’ve experienced before. That much we can promise.

Don’t miss out an opportunity of a lifetime. So if your friends ask you: When is Dolphinaris Arizona opening? Don’t forget to tell them:

Dolphinaris Arizona is launching this Oct. 15th!

  1. We help dolphins all over the world—and so can you!

How do we help dolphins everywhere? With our Dolphinaris Foundation. This is our higher calling. Our greater purpose.

It’s simple really.

First, we educate today’s youth, by bringing them on interactive field trips to the dolphinarium. It’s the type of experience you just can’t get in a classroom. You know the kid in class, that’s so bored, they eventually bother the students around them? Believe me. Even that kid will be fully engaged at Dolphinaris Arizona.

But we don’t stop there.

We unite university professors (Texas A&M Corpus Christi) and students (Cornell University) to help push dolphin care to the next level.

And then our favorite part. Using what we’ve learned to help dolphins in the ocean. We’ve sponsored successful conservation efforts with Universidad Autónoma del Carmen.

(Learn more about our Dolphinaris Foundation here.)

The best part of our Dolphinaris Foundation? You can help. Part of every sale goes straight to our foundation!

  1. The perfect activity for kids (of all ages!)

Let’s face it: Kids are hard to please. They’re picky and fickle. Finding an activity they will enjoy (video games don’t count!) is no easy task.

Now picture this: You’re a mom with 3 kids.

Jimmy is 7 years old. Sarah is 10 years old. And Bryan is 17 years old. You can go to the new playground, but Sarah says “it’s only for kids”. And what on earth is Bryan going to do at a kid’s playground? Picking something they ALL will enjoy, seems next to impossible.

But then you remember. Isn’t Dolphinaris Arizona launching this Oct. 15th? You say, ‘what the heck, let’s give it a try.’ And what do you know? They all love it—even Bryan!

And then it happened. You finally hear it. At the end of your experience at Dolphinaris Arizona, Bryan, Jimmy, and Sarah, all say, at the same time: thanks mom, this was amazing!

Aaah. Now that’s music to your ears.

If you could’ve recorded it, you would’ve. But then you think, ‘you know what? We’ll just have to come back here again!’

Well, there you have it Scottsdale. That was 4 reasons to visit Dolphinaris Arizona. Did we miss a good reason to come to Dolphinaris Arizona? Then please tell us in the comments below.