23 Fun Facts About Bottlenose Dolphins That Will Astonish You

23 Fun Facts About Bottlenose Dolphins That Will Astonish You

Do you love bottlenose dolphins?

Do you want to learn everything you can about them? Well we’ve prepared the ULTIMATE guide to bottlenose dolphin fun facts.

In fact, our guide has more facts (23) than any other on the internet (at the time of publication).

SO without further ado…

Here are…

23 Fun Facts About Bottlenose Dolphins That Will Astonish You:
1.       What Do Bottlenose Dolphins Eat?

Bottles dolphins can eat “15-30 pounds per day of small fishes, squid, and crustaceans.”

2.       Bottlenose Dolphins Don’t Chew

They eat fish and squid, whole. They always eat the head first to avoid going against the grain with the scales.

3.       Can Bottlenose Dolphins See Outside of the Water?

Bottlenose Dolphins actually have great eyesight both in and out of the water.

4.       Dolphins Sometimes Have Traffic Accidents

They really do! Even though it’s rare, it can happen. And when it does, it can be fatal.

5.       How Long Does It Take for A Bottlenose Dolphin to Give Birth?

Dolphin labor can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

6.       Dolphins Play with Their Food

They smack fish with their tail which stuns them. Then, they either repeat the process or eat it up.

7.       Bottlenose Dolphins Are Like Trees

Dendrochronology is when you cut the stump of a tree to count the rings. Each ring represents one year of age.

The same process can be used to determine the age of a bottlenose dolphin by counting each layer in their teeth.

8.       Where Do Bottlenose Dolphins Live?

These dolphins are found practically anywhere in the ocean where its temperate or tropical.

9.       A Group of Dolphins Is Called…

Dolphins are social creatures. As such they travel in groups, called ‘pods‘. Each pod is consists of about 10-15 bottlenose dolphins.

10.   How Fast Can Bottlenose Dolphins Swim?

They can reach speeds over 20 mph an hour and dive as deep as 800 feet below the surface!

11.   How Long Are Bottlenose Dolphins?

Bottlenose dolphins range from 6-13 feet long.

12.    How Far Can Bottlenose Dolphins Jump Out of the Water?

They can launch themselves up to 15 feet out of the water! Impressive huh?

13.   How Long Can Bottlenose Dolphins Hold Their Breath?

They can hold their breath underwater for around seven minutes.

14.   Do Bottlenose Dolphins Use Body Language?

They use many kinds of body language:

  • Leaping out of the water
  • Snapping their jaws
  • Butting heads
15.   Are Bottlenose Dolphins Capable of Echolocation?


They use a series of clicks to help them find food. They can determine the location, size and even the shape through echolocation.

16.   How Big is a Bottlenose Dolphin Brain?

The average bottlenose dolphin brain weighs 1500-1600 grams.

For reference, a human brain is about 1300-1400 grams (though we do have a greater brain-to-body ratio).

17.   How Do Bottlenose Dolphins Give Birth?

A bottlenose dolphin calf is born tail-first to prevent drowning.
Checkout this video to see exactly how.

18.   How Do Bottlenose Dolphin Sleep?

With with one eye open! How weird is that? Unlike humans, Bottlenose dolphins need to be awake to breathe.

19.   Does The Military Use Bottlenose Dolphins?

Yes! In the United States and Russia, dolphins are trained to be soldiers! They are trained for marine tasks, such as locating sea mines and detecting enemy divers.

20.   What Is Bottlenose Dolphins Body Temperature?

Bottlenose dolphins are warm-blooded. They actually have an internal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Same as us!

21.   Dolphins Get High On Puffer Fish

No seriously! Check out this video for proof!

22.   Do Bottlenose Dolphins Have a Sense of Smell?

Sadly, no.

But they have an acute sense of taste, being able to distinguish between, sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

23.   Bottlenose Dolphins Are One of the Three Species That Engage in Sex for Pleasure

I just hope they wear protection. The other 2 species? Pigs and of course humans.

24.   Do Bottlenose Dolphins Shed Skin?

Yes. CONSTANTLY. This helps them keep an aerodynamic finish to their skin.

25.   A Bottlenose Dolphin’s Stomach Consists of Three Compartments or Chambers

The first compartment acts as storage. The second compartment, works like our stomach. It uses enzymes like hydrochloric acid to break down food.

And the third compartment prepares things for the final stage before…well…you know.

26.   Dolphins Have Long Time Been a Superstition for Sailors and Fishermen

For centuries, sailors and fishermen have considered seeing dolphins at sea as a sign of good luck!

27.   Dolphins Have Horizontal Tails Because of Evolution

If you’ve noticed, sharks have vertical fins, and dolphins have horizontal fins.

Ever wonder why that is?

Well, since fish developed from worms wiggling on the ground, of which a vertical tail works best with.

Dolphins evolved from land mammals. Land mammals needed to extend their stride. In order to do that, they needed a spine that flexed. A horizontal tail works best in that form.














The 13 Best MONEY-SAVING Deals on Cancun Dolphin Swims

The 13 Best MONEY-SAVING Deals on Cancun Dolphin Swims

Are you in the Riviera Maya (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Tulum, Barcelo)? Are you looking for the best deals on Cancun dolphin swims? You’re in luck.

We’ve prepared a list of the 13 best deals on Cancun dolphin swims. Heck, we have dolphin swim deals ALL over the Riviera Maya.


Before you go out and spend a fortune, take a look through here. You’re going to find deals so good, you’re not going to believe it. We even found a photo package promotion. Ask around. That’s rare!

But it’s true.

So why don’t we dive in already?

Here’s a List of the 13 Best MONEY-SAVING Deals on Cancun Dolphin Swims:

  1. Swim with Dolphins+ Tulum + Cenote + Save 100 USD

You can save 100 USD with this deal.

Day 1: Swim with Magical Dolphins

Day 2: Tulum Ruins + Cenote + Downtown Playa del Carmen

Find out why Tulum was one of the most important (and beautiful!) archeological sites of the Mayans.

Don’t miss out on this adventure of a lifetime!

Click here for more details.

  1. Swim with Dolphins + Chichen Itza + Save 100 USD

Do you have your bucket list next to you? Get a pen ready, because you’re about to scratch off 2 items.

Chichen Itza is one of the seven wonders of the world. Not only do you get to swim with dolphins, but you get to witness history as well.

Day 1: Swim with Dolphins

Day 2: Chichen Itza + Cenote + Valladolid

Click here for more details.

  1. Swim with Dolphins + Selvatica Jungle Adventure Park

Selvatica is Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity. They have over 20 years of experience with ziplines, ATVs, bungees and much more.

It’s an adventure you can’t miss.

Day 1: Swim with Dolphins

Day 2: Selvatica

Click here for more details.

  1. Swim with Dolphins Plus Jungle Tour + Save 57 USD

Can you imagine driving your own personal 2-person speedboat?

Well, that’s exactly what you get with this deal. But it doesn’t end there. You’ll also get a chance to snorkel in the 2nd largest coral reef in the world.

Day 1: Swim with Dolphins

Day 2: Jungle Tour

Click here for more details.

  1. Any Dolphin Swim Plus Wet’n Wild (Save 50 USD)

Wet’n Wild is one of the best waterslide parks in the world. And guess what?

Book ANY dolphin swim ANYwhere and you get free admission to Wet’n Wild. Yup. 100% FREE.

But there’s a catch.

Book now, because the deal expires November 15th!

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  1. Swim with Dolphins 50% Off…Free Wet’n Wild

If you book 5 days in advance, you get 50% of your dolphin swim.

Amazing right?

But the deal doesn’t end there. You also get a FREE pass to Wet’n Wild.

Click here for more details.

  1. Riviera Maya 50% Off Trainer for A Day or Triple Adventure

Two of the most popular dolphin swim programs are 50% off in the Riviera Maya location. Where’s that? Well, if you’re in Playa del Carmen it’s just a short 15-minute drive away.

The Trainer for a day program puts you in the shoes of a dolphin trainer. Learn everything from diet preparation to the hand signals used to communicate.

The Triple Adventure is basically THREE dolphin swims for the price of ONE.

Click here for more details.

  1. Swim with Dolphins in Riviera Maya Plus Free Wet’n Wild

Are you in Playa del Carmen? Wishing you could go to Wet’n Wild (in Cancun) but don’t have a ride?

This is the deal for you. Not only do you get a dolphin swim in the Riviera Maya, but you get free admission into Wet’n Wild.

But that’s not all. You get All-Inclusive + Free Roundtrip Transportation.

I told you the deals would be so good you’d barely believe it.

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  1. Photo Package Deal

Everyone knows. Photos can be expensive.

But here’s your chance to be the exception.

Save over 76 USD one personal photos and 176 USD on group photos.

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  1. 30% Off Ventura Park

Ventura Park offers SO many different things to do in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

Not only can you swim with dolphins but you can:

  • Race Go-Karts
  • Try the Oculus Rift VR Headset
  • Ride a Roller Coaster
  • Go Ziplining
  • Go Bungee Jumping
  • Slip and Slide at Wet’n Wild
  • And so much more.

This promotion saves you 30% on an all-inclusive pass to Ventura Park when you buy a dolphin swim package.

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  1. All Inclusive Cozumel

Think about it…why would you step off an all-inclusive Cruise ship, to start paying for drinks and food?

Continue the All-inclusive party by going with this incredible promotion.

Unlimited Drinks + Unlimited Food (Like a Boss!)

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  1. Triple Adventure Maya

Get THREE dolphin swims for ONE low price?

This amazing deal is only available at the Riviera Maya location.  However, this deal does not expire.

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  1. Book Same Day…10 USD Off

Want to save 10 bucks?

Here’s how. Go to Dolphinaris.com today, and book your dolphin swim online.

That’s it. It’s really that simple. So what are you waiting for?

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Find Out Where the Best Water Park in Cancun’s Hotel Zone is

Find Out Where the Best Water Park in Cancun’s Hotel Zone is

Good news! You’re going to Cancun! Woohoo! Finally…some excitement in life huh?

While everyone back home will be doing the same ol’ thing…you’re going to be in a foreign country living it up. And not just any old foreign country.

We’re talking Cancun, Mexico! Land of Adventure.

Let’s face it. Cancun is hot. It’s why everyone comes here. To escape that darn winter cold.

On the other hand…

If you’re not prepared properly, Cancun can be hotter than you’d like. So the obvious question becomes: how do you prepare properly for Cancun’s humid heat?

By coming to Cancun’s best waterslide park! (duh!)

By now I’m sure you’ve heard all about Cancun’s waterparks. But where is the best water park in Cancun?

Consider the only amusement park in Cancun’s Hotel Zone: Ventura Park

Why does Ventura Park have the best water park in the Hotel Zone?

It’s simple really.

Ventura Park has the best water park in the Hotel Zone because they have Dolphinaris AND Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park. (Later we’ll tell you how you can get all-inclusive pass to Wet’n Wild for FREE…seriously!)

Still not convinced?

Why don’t we take a more in-depth look at to what makes Ventura Park the best water park in Cancun’s Hotel Zone?

Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park

Wet’n Wild is everyone’s favorite waterslide park for one obvious reason…their waterslides!

Let’s take a look at every slide Wet’n Wild has to offer.

First, let’s take a look at all of the thrilling slides. You know? The ones that will get your adrenaline juices flowing.

Kamikaze: The sheer drop and speed of this slide will have you begging for more once you’re done.

Twister: Grab a buddy and race down this 2-person inner tube that will have you trembling in excitement.

Bubba Tub: Coming with the family? This slide is perfect for you. This 4-person inner tube slides down over 6 floors of fun surprising turns and refreshing landing.

Double Space Bowl: This is for the ultra-brave. You’ll drop over 50 feet, traveling over 30 mph into a 10-foot landing pool.

That’ll get your heart pumping!

Not one for adrenaline rushes? Or did you come with young children? Don’t worry. Wet’n Wild has got you covered.

Lazy River: Slowly float over 1000 feet in a tranquil and relaxing inner-tube ride (imagine the serenity!).

Wave Pool: Who said you need to go to the ocean for waves? This AMAZING wave generator creates waves for a pool!

How cool is that?

Forget the salt (and the sharks). Wave pools are where it’s at these days.

Kids Park: Don’t forget about the little ones!  Well Wet’n Wild certainly hasn’t. For a moment, imagine being a kid. Where’s your favorite place to be? The playground obviously!

Now imagine that same playground…in about a foot of water!

That’s exactly what your kids will see if they come to Wet’n Wild’s Kids Park.

Wet Bubble: You know how kids are always racing each other? Well imagine the top half of a ball. Now imagine that the diameter is about 12 feet wide, and about 8 feet tall.

Now picture it very soft, but slick with water flowing through it. Kids will try to get to the top…and if they don’t, it’s a super soft landing.

That’s called a win-win.


Yeah… you know that bucket list you have? Well it’s about to get shorter.

In the very same park that Wet’n Wild is—about 30 seconds walking—exists Dolphinaris.

Dolphinaris is where dreams become reality. Its where magic happens every day.

I could try to explain what it’s like to come face-to-face with a beautiful and intelligent dolphin…but there are no words.

Swimming with dolphins in Cancun is something that must be lived to be understood. Words simply don’t do it justice.

Heck…swimming with dolphins by itself is worth the price of admission…. which BTW…

How to Get an All-Inclusive Wet’n Wild Deal for FREE

If you book ANY dolphin swim at Dolphinaris you get an all-inclusive (unlimited drinks + food) Wet’n Wild pass for FREE!

You read that correctly.

There’s a catch though…you have to book before November 15th.

Which means you have to hurry!


21 Things to do Before Traveling to Cancun’s ONLY Theme Park

21 Things to do Before Traveling to Cancun’s ONLY Theme Park

How do you have the perfect vacation? You already know the answer to this. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.


You know what happens to people who don’t prepare. A series of unfortunate events follow these people. Before they know it, disaster strikes and they’re left wondering ‘why does this always happen to ME?”

But you know better than that…

You know that when you prepare—things get done. Just the way you want them to.  And you don’t get surprised last minute.

Remember…luck favors the prepared.

So this Cancun vacation…don’t leave things to chance. Make a checklist and check it twice. But wait. Before you do…consider adding these 21 points to your checklist.

Here are 21 things to do before traveling to Cancun’s Only Theme Park:

1.       Research

You want to do your research beforehand. Go to venturapark.com and check out which activities you like.

If you’ve never been, here’s a list of every world of activities. Just remember that each world offers you something new.

  1. Dolphinaris

Have your own magical moment—face to face—with a dolphin!

  1. AaahVentura

Get your mega dose of adrenaline by ziplining and bungee jumping!

  1. Underworld

Discover what all the fuss is about and experience the future: an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Head Set!

  1. Fun World

Revisit your childhood with vintage carnival rides like a merry-go-round or swinging crazy chairs.

  1. Grand Prix

Find out who’s the best race car driver on a seaside go-kart track

  1. El Beacho Club

Live like royalty by sitting back on luxe seaside bed while margaritas and seafood ceviche’s instantly appear with the snap of a finger.

  1. Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park

Cool off and have some fun by sliding down everyone’s favorite waterslide park at Wet’n Wild.

2.       Book Online & Ahead of Time

Here’s why you want to book online ahead of time. You save money. A lot of it. In fact if you go to venturapark.com and talk to one of their live chat agents, you can save up to 30% by booking online.

Pretty sweet huh?

But there’s one more reason why you want to book online ahead. It saves you the pain of doing it while you’re on your vacation. Remember, every moment on your vacation is precious. Don’t spend it squabbling about where to go next.

You’ll lose time…and get frustrated (lose/lose situation!)

3.       Consider going all-inclusive

Before you hit that buy button…consider this. Do you really want to skip out on meals and drinks, just to save a few bucks here and there?

You’re on vacation! Let loose…live a little. Isn’t that the point?

So when choosing which areas to penny pinch…don’t pick food and drinks.

Here’s a tip. Upgrade your package to go all-inclusive. You know? Unlimited food and beverages.

That way you get exactly what you want, and how of much you want of it.

4.       Plan the order of your activities

Now that you know what you’re doing, let’s scratch up a game plan shall we?

Let’s think about this logically.

Underworld is a futuristic high-tech arcade world. Water and electronics don’t mix.

So if you’re going to be going to Dolphinaris or Wet’n Wild, make sure you go to Underworld BEFORE.

Another tip, is to look at the layout of the park. Make sure your order of activities makes sense. There’s no point walking around back and forth just because you didn’t know better.

5.       Stay near (hotel zone)

Unless you want to wake up at the crack of dawn…stay close.

That’s what’s great about Ventura Park…it’s right in the Hotel Zone. And the best part is, you catch your ride for free anywhere in the hotel zone.

Just make sure to check schedule times and location pickups/drop-offs.

6.       Nausea pills

If you have a history of getting nauseous during rights, plan ahead. Take an anti-nausea pill after a light breakfast.

Better to take one and not need it, than need it and not have it, right?

7.       Bring Bug Spray

This one’s easy. Buy a bug spray and spray before you get to the park.

The last thing you want is mosquitos to ruin the day!

8.       Dress lightly

Button up shirts and khaki pants are for night clubs!

When you come to Cancun’s only amusement park, dress lightly.  Be smart. Wear something comfortable.

Speaking of which…

9.       Wear sneakers

You may want to wear sandals, because…it’s Cancun after all. But what would then happen if you went ziplining? Or Bungee-jumping?

What if you LOST one of your sandals on a ride? THEN what?

Don’t be that person walking with one sandal.

10.   Sunscreen

Here’s a tip. Apply before you get to the park but…

Also bring the sunscreen with you. Why? Because sunscreen gets wiped off with sweat and water. If you go swimming, reapply once you get out.

Remember, if you get burnt it’s going to severely hamper your vacation plans

11.   Use lockers

Lockers are your friends. If you come prepared, you’ll bring a backpack with everything you need inside.

Once you get to the park, rent a locker.

Then you can go back to the locker every time you need something instead of lugging it around everywhere.

Makes sense right?

12.   Arrive early

Nobody wants to wait in long lines. That’s why the early bird gets the worm.

Set your alarm clock and get there once the park opens. It’ll feel like the whole park belongs to you!

13.   Bring a bathing suit and towels

Don’t just say “oh I’ll buy it at the park”. Save some money. Bring a bathing AND a towel. Why pay for the rental?

One more thing…bring a bathing EVEN if you don’t think you’re going to be swimming. Who knows? You might just change your mind last minute.

14.   Ziplock bags for electronics

Remember when we said electronics and water don’t mix?

We’ll you don’t want to put your smartphone and your wet bathing suits in the same bag (but you might end up having to)

Just in case…bring ziplock bags. Put your electronics there to keep them safe.

15.   Plastic bags for bathing suits

Speaking of which…Bring plastic bags for your wet bathing suits.

If not, your bathing suit is just going to soak everything. This one is an easy one to overlook, so don’t make this mistake!

16.   Change of Clothes

You might think to yourself…well its hot in Cancun, I’m sure my clothes will dry on their own.

Wrong! Well…not always. But what if you want to go to Underground and try the Oculus Rift?

Or what about the bus ride back? Do you really want to be wet in an air-conditioned bus?

17.   Pack a Poncho

A little rain never hurt anybody…unless of course they weren’t wearing a poncho.

Rain doesn’t last long in Cancun, but when it comes, its HEAVY. Pack a poncho and save yourself some comfort.

Imagine if your DRY clothes got soaked. What then?

18.   Bring a backup external battery (powerbank)

Let’s face it. You’re going to be taking A LOT of pictures and videos. You know? For Facebook and posterity.

But you know what’s going to inevitably happen. Your smartphone will die and then the party’s over.

Don’t be that person sitting on the ground next to an outlet. Buy one of those external battery packs called “power banks”.

BONUS TIP: Check “mAh” figure on your device’s batteries and the power bank. For example, if you have an iPhone 7, your battery clocks in at 1960 mAh. Which means if you purchase a power bank that has 5000 mAh, you can charge TWO iPhones (and still have half a charge left for a 3rd iPhone 7)

19.   Define a meeting spot once you arrive

Once you get there, pick a meeting spot. Somewhere easily located and in the shade. If for whatever reason, people split up, you’ll know where to meet them.

20.   Come Well-Rested

That means no partying all night the day before. You don’t want to come to Cancun’s only amusement park hungover.

Be smart. Get a full night’s rest.

21.   Miniature First Aid Kit

You can get a small one at Walgreens or CVS for about 10 bucks.

Because…you never know right?


So there you have it! That was 21 Things to do Before Traveling to Cancun’s ONLY Theme Park.

Not a bad list right? We told you what to park for Cancun’s only amusement park. We told you what to wear to the Hotel Zone’s only amusement park.

Essentially, we gave you the ultimate amusement park checklist!



10 Critical Things You NEED To Do Before Ziplining in Cancun

10 Critical Things You NEED To Do Before Ziplining in Cancun

Yey! You’re finally coming to Cancun! And the best part is you’re going on the ultimate adventure: ziplining in Cancun!

Could there be anything better? You finally get a break from the cold weather. Heck—in Cancun, you get a break from EVERYTHING. No stress. No worries.

And when you’re feeling worry-free…

You know its ADVENTURE time. I mean, why not? You are in Cancun after all.

But then you think…What do I need to do before ziplining in Cancun?

Well stop worrying. We’re going to give you EVERYTHING you need to know before ziplining in Cancun.

The reason why you want to follow our advice is…

…here at Selvatica, we know ziplines. Not to brag…but you could even say, we know ziplines better than anyone in Cancun. We have over 20 years of experience with ziplines (more than anyone in Cancun). Thousands upon thousands of travelers have safely soared over jungle canopies on our ziplines.

The result? We are Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun.

So you see…

When we talk about zipline safety, we know what we’re talking about.

So rest assured. If you read this safety guide, you’re in good hands.

Ready? Great.

Here are 10 Critical Things You NEED To Do Before Ziplining in Cancun:

1.       Make Sure You Have A Clean Bill Of Health

Before you even think about ziplining, make sure you’re good to go. Here are some questions you should consider:

  • Have you had surgery lately?
  • Nursing any lingering serious injuries, particularly in the back or neck?
  • Do you have a heart condition or suffer from high blood pressure?

If the answer is yes to any of the previous questions, consult your doctor beforehand. Better safe than sorry right?

2.       Go with the Right Zipline Providers

Ziplining is TOTALLY safe…when done properly. This means having the right equipment, and the right team members. And don’t forget…experience counts.

So before you book with anyone, do some investigating. Ask yourself:

  • Does this place check-out?
  • What other people saying online?
  • Are there any user videos you can see that gives you an overall sense of the place?

Trust your instincts! If something feels off…back out. You should immediately feel a sense of security when you arrive.

3.       Know Your Weight in Pounds AND Kilos

Yup. You have to do it.

You have to step on that scale and face the truth. Just know, it’s for a good cause. =)

And one more thing.

Make sure you convert that to kilos, and memorize it. This way, you can check out the weight limits and know what your limitations are.

BONUS TIP: Don’t forget that pounds will be listed as “lbs”.

4.       Come Well-Rested

You have to remember something.

Ziplining in Cancun is an extreme activity. And as such, you should treat it with respect. Get a full night’s sleep. That means NO partying the night before.

This is so important, it’s worth repeating.

If you are ziplining in Cancun, DO NOT DRINK the night before.

The last thing you want to do is go ziplining with a hangover. It’s dangerous, and well…just plain ill-advised.

5.       Don’t Bring Sandals

There are so many places in Cancun where sandals are accepted. Even more than accepted. Almost everywhere in Cancun sandals are the preferred footwear.


NOT when you are ziplining. Unless of course…you absolutely hate your sandals to the point you want to abandon them in the heart of the Mayan jungle.

If that’s the case…then sure…bring your sandals.

If not, bring closed toed shoes. You’ll thank us later.

Speaking of the proper attire….

6.       Loose Fitting Clothes Are Your Friend

You want to wear clothes that are light and comfortable. You know? The type of clothes that stretches a bit.

Don’t forget. Zipline harnesses can feel tight (as they should). If you’re wearing the wrong clothes, it’s going to feel uncomfortable.

Pick something you’d feel comfortable, and you’re going to be fine. Just don’t forget to…

7.       Empty Your Pockets

You may be thinking…who on Earth would commit such an atrocious mistake?

Well…A LOT of people actually. Don’t let that be you. Rent a locker. Put EVERYTHING inside. Yes. Even the smartphone.

Unless of course, you want your smartphone next to those sandals you wanted to abandon.

8.       Don’t Come With A Full Stomach

This one’s simple.

Eat a very light breakfast about an hour or so before you get to the park. Some chopped fruit or even a bowl of cereal.

Something that’s easily digested. Avoid a hearty breakfast like eggs and bacon (I know…it’s going to be tough, but you can do this, we have faith).

I can tell you one thing for sure: You do NOT want to be bloated while ziplining in Cancun.

9.       Talk to Your Guide

One thing we’re proud of here at Selvatica is our customer service.

We break everyone into groups with Tribe leaders. These tribe leaders guide you through the process. They organize the tour in such a way, that there zero long lines to wait through (thank god, right?)

The best part? You start to build a rapport with your guide. They will learn your tendencies and adjust accordingly.

The most important part?

LISTEN. Your guide will give you instructions. Pay attention, and follow each one.

10.   Smile for the Cameras

Ok. I know technically this is DURING ziplining, but we’ll include for fun’s sake. If you come to Selvatica for the ultimate jungle adventure, just know this.

There are cameras watching your zipline ride. Now you have two choices:

  1. Make a cowardly face of fear
  2. Stick your tongue out and own the moment

How you choose to eternalize the moment is entirely yours.

There you have it…there was 10 critical things you need to do before ziplining in Cancun.



The CRAZY Bungee-Zipline-ATV-Cenote Cancun Jungle Adventure!

The CRAZY Bungee-Zipline-ATV-Cenote Cancun Jungle Adventure!

Are you bored?

Think about it. It’s the same thing every day.

Alarm goes off. You take a shower. Eat breakfast (if you’re lucky). Head to work all day. Get stressed. Come home. Make dinner for the family. (Scratch that. You’re too tired to make dinner.) So you call Chinese take-out.

Put on the news. Shake your head at the nonsense. Watch a TV show.  Put the kids to bed. Yawn. Head to bed.

And do the exact same thing tomorrow.

And the day after. And the day after that.

The weekends? Well…they’re not much better. Sure. You’re off of work, and that’s great. But you’ve already gone to all the bars and restaurants downtown.

And let’s face it…there was never really much to do downtown anyways. How many weekends in a row can you go bowling?

You’ve thought about packing your bags and heading to the big city. That’s where everyone else goes when they’re bored. And sure…there are lots of things to do in the big city. No doubt about that.

But still…it’s a big city.

And with big cities comes big crowds of people. Usually in very tight spaces. And we all know what happens when you pack tons of people in small spaces. People get edgy. Heck, you may even call it rude.

You’ve gone to the big city before. You felt cramped. No. You felt downright claustrophobic. Nobody said ‘thank you’ or ‘please’. It’s just a different world than what you’re used to.

Isn’t there a place to go, that’s exciting AND not the big city?

You know…some magical place that brings the best of both worlds?

And then you remember Mike from the office. You over heard him the other day talking about his crazy adventure in Cancun, Mexico. Ziplines you heard him say. Didn’t he also say “ATV’s in the mud”?

Wow. Ziplining in Cancun! Now THAT would be an adventure of a lifetime, you think to yourself. In fact…a crazy jungle adventure in Cancun may be just what you need to wake yourself up from sleepwalking through life.

So you look for tickets to Cancun. Wow. Are they really that cheap? Then you look at Trip Advisor. You find Cancun, and then Outdoor Activities.

You say to yourself “let’s go with the #1 outdoor activity in Cancun, Selvatica”.

You start reading all of the reviews. Soon…you realize a pattern. You start to see that there are a lot of people, just like you, who have visited Selvatica before.

You see a review from Tiffany Mitchell Reeves, 45, from Baldwin City, California:
We had the best time…our guide couldn’t have been more fun if he tried. The whole staff was wonderful!!! Would highly recommend this excursion!!!”

Then you see another review from Stacy Raymond Brule, 43, from Jordan, Michigan:

We absolutely loved Selvatica. It is well worth the money, Staff was excellent and very friendly and helpful. We will definitely visit again. so much fun!!!! My 12-year-old was a little nervous about jumping and doing superman and they encouraged him and he tried everything. This was a highlight of our trip. Absolutely awesome. If I could give more than 5 stars I would give them the highest possible”

That’s all you need to read. “Selvatica…was the highlight of our trip” . So now you’re interested and you go to the Selvatica website.


You see the Gimme All Package. It has EVERYTHING you need to have the ultimate outdoor adventure in Cancun.

Bungees, Ziplines, ATVs, and Cenotes—all in the Cancun Jungle! How do you say no to that?

You decide right then and there. You book the Gimme All Package.

You’re so proud, you show everyone at work. Before you know it, someone looks on Youtube for video examples of each activity.









Whoa! After that, two more people at the office decide to join in. They’re calling it “The CRAZY Bungee-Zipline-ATV-Cenote Cancun Jungle Adventure”.

The best part? Rick from New York City said “wish we had stuff like that back home”. If you can make the big city peeps jealous, you know you’re vacationing somewhere awesome.

You’ve got your ticket to Cancun. You’ve booked Selvatica’s Gimme All package.

Now you’re wondering…what do I do before ziplining in Cancun?