You Looking for a Fun Go-Kart Track in Cancun’s Hotel Zone?

You Looking for a Fun Go-Kart Track in Cancun’s Hotel Zone?

cancun go-karts - grand prix - ventura park

Many people come to Cancun for the wild parties, and the drinking.

But did you know Cancun has family-friendly parks as well?

Many families come to Cancun looking for family-friendly activities. What family-friendly activities are available in Cancun?

Go-kart racing in Cancun! Where can you drive a go-kart in Cancun?

Come to the best family-friendly park in all of Cancun: Ventura Park

Reasons to Drive a Go-Kart in Cancun at Ventura Park:

1.      The perfect activity for young children

family-friendly go-kart track in cancun - grand prix

Kids always have to take a backseat—literally. They never get to be fully in charge.

Just imagine the look on their faces when they hit the gas pedal. And don’t worry, all go-karts come with a professional 4-point seatbelt. The same ones found in professional racecars.

Not only that, but they feature a very low-center of gravity as well.

Give them the liberty the liberty they’ve always dream of: being in the driver’s seat!

2.      It’s also fun for teenagers and adults (in other words, fun for the WHOLE family)

family-friendly go-kart track in cancun hotel zone- grand prix

Go-karts at Ventura Park are not just for kids. Everyone enjoys them!

Picture this:

A younger brother is trying to beat his older brother by racing past him. Finally, I will beat him in something, thinks the younger brother.

Then out of nowhere, another go-kart races past, and takes first place. Who was it? Mom!

When was the last time the WHOLE family had fun together? Racing go-karts at Ventura Park’s Grand Prix is your chance.

3.      It’s a safe way to simulate a real car race

grandprix - go karts - cancun - ventura park

We all get a heavy foot every now and then. But let’s face it. It’s not safe, and it could result in a costly traffic ticket.

Who wants to risk that?

Take no chances and race the safe way: by visiting Grand Prix at Ventura Park!

4.      Drive at your own speed (putting the pedal to the metal is not required)

child-friendly go-karts in cancun - ventura park

Maybe you’re not the adrenaline-seeking type. No matter. You’re under no obligation to put the petal to the medal.

If you prefer to drive at a more leisurely pace, feel free!

5.      Earn family bragging rights—forever!


Let’s be honest here. Whoever wins the family race, will never let this go. And why should they?

Winning a go-kart race at Ventura Park’s Grand Prix is the perfect way earn bragging rights forever.

6.      Enjoy the ocean breeze

cancun go-kart racing-ventura park

Here’s what’s unique about Grand Prix at Ventura Park:

It’s a stone’s throw away from the ocean. You can see it. You can smell its alluring fragrance.

What a great way to set the mood huh?

Visit Grand Prix at Ventura Park, the only seaside go-kart track in Cancun.

7.      The need for speed

You Looking for a Fun Go-Kart Track in Cancun's Hotel ZoneGo-Kart Track in Cancun’s

How fast do the go-karts at Ventura Park’s Grand Prix go?

You get to go a blazing 36 feet per second. Not bad huh?

Now the question is…

Can you maintain that speed throughout the 820-foot track?

Fulfill your need for speed at Grand Prix, only at Ventura Park!

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