11 Surprising Bottlenose Dolphins Facts You Didn’t Know

11 Surprising Bottlenose Dolphins Facts You Didn’t Know

Bottlenose dolphins are incredible creatures that absolutely fascinate us.


Because humans and bottlenose dolphins actually share some essential features like, we both…

  • have large brains in comparison with our bodies
  • are social creatures that live close to our families and friends
  • are warm-blooded mammals

In a way, they are our brethren of the sea!

If you love dolphins, and want to learn some interesting bottlenose dolphin facts you didn’t know before, please read on.

Here are 11 Amazing Bottlenose Dolphins Facts You Didn’t Know

1.    Dolphins have bigger brains than we do

dolphin brain versus human brain - interesting bottlenose dolphin facts

The average human brain weighs 1300 grams. A bottlenose dolphin? 1600 grams!

That’s a 23% difference!

In all fairness, humans have a superior brain-to-body mass ratio. Nevertheless, dolphins display an excellent intelligence in the form of “emotions, social cognition, and even theory of mind”.

2.    Dolphins can dive as deep as 990 feet!

dolphin brain versus human brain - interesting bottlenose dolphin facts

Normally, dolphins don’t dive that deep however. Their diet tends to be in more shallow water.

How did a dolphin end up diving nearly 1000 feet? A Navy trained dolphin named Tuffy used to help lost divers and carry messages.

3.    Dolphins can cover their blowhole

dolphin closed blowhole- surprising bottlenose dolphin facts

They actually have a “muscular flap” that closes while swimming, and opens once they are above water.

4.    Dolphins must decide when to breathe

dolphin coming up for air- fun bottlenose dolphin facts

Humans are involuntary breathers. It just happens.

But dolphins have to make a choice to stop what they are doing and rise above the surface for a breather.

5.    Dolphins can only sleep half a brain at a time

dolphins sleep half a brain a time-surprising bottlenose dolphin facts

Because they must voluntarily surface to breathe, this means they can never fully fall asleep.

6.    Dolphins have nearly a 360 degree field of vision

Dolphins have nearly a 360 degree field of vision-interesting bottlenose dolphin facts

Dolphins have their on the side of their head. Not only that, but each eye can move independently.

Even more impressive? They can change the shape of their lens, so they can see above/underwater equally.

7.    Dolphins give themselves names

dolphins have names- amazing bottlenose dolphin facts

When they get separated from their pod, they will call out their own name, so the pod can find them.

8.    Dolphins can see with their ears

dolphins echolocation -fun bottlenose dolphin facts

You’ve probably heard about it before. It’s called echolocation.

They make a sound, and then wait for the sound wave to collide with an object. Then it bounces back and provides them with “the shape, size, speed, distance and location of the object”.

Amazing, huh?

9.    Dolphins like to surf

It’s true. When they see a gnarly wave, they go for it.

Watch the video above you don’t believe me. =)

10. Dolphins like to blow bubbles underwater

Dolphins are very playful. Need proof? Take a look at the video above to watch a dolphin joyfully blowing bubbles just for fun.

11. Dolphin fetus’ grow hind legs!

dolphins grow hind legs-surprising bottlenose dolphin facts

They eventually withdraw back inside the body and vanish before birth.

However, sometimes they don’t as evidenced by a Japanese fisherman in 2006. See the photo above to see.

Well dolphin lovers… that was 11 fun bottlenose dolphin facts you didn’t know. We hope you enjoyed!