Shorten Your Bucket List at Cancun’s Top Waterslide Park

Shorten Your Bucket List at Cancun’s Top Waterslide Park

Wet-n-wild-cancun-kamikaze-slide1-Cancun's Top Waterslide Park

Maybe you’ve seen pictures or videos of waterslides your whole life. But one thing you’ve never actually done?

Is actually having the waterslide park experience yourself.

So this Cancun vacation, shorten your bucket list. Visit Ventura Park. Here you’ll find Cancun’s top waterslide park and have an amazing experience you’ll never forget.

So what makes the waterslide experience at Ventura Park Cancun’s top waterslide park?

Here’s a List of 8 Fun Things to do at Cancun’s Top Waterslide Park (With Videos!)

1.    Bubba Tub

This incredible waterslide allows for an inner-tube.  What sort of advantage does that give you?

This means you and 3 other family members or friends can ride down the slide at the same time!

Check out the video above to see what you’re missing.

2.    Double Space Bowl

Care to go for a spin?

The double space bowl sends you down 50 feet in a winding tube traveling at 44 feet per second!

Skip to 1:15 of the video to see the full experience.

3.    Kamikaze

Are you feeling brave? Well you better be! Because this waterslide is not for the faint of heart!

This open top waterslide will send chills down your spine as you race to the bottom.

Get a glimpse of the experience from the video above.


4.    Kid’s Park

Did the whole family come with you? Even the little ones? Well don’t worry. They’re going to have some fun.

That’s what’s great about Ventura Park. There’s something fun for everyone.

The Kid’s Park features a fun playground that’s semi-submerged.

Yes. They even get their own waterslides.

Check out the fun in the video above! You see? We told you this was Cancun’s top waterslide park!

5.    Lazy River

Are you the more relaxed type? Prefer to skip the adrenaline rush? Then head over to Lazy River.

Hop on an inner-tube and lay back. Let the current take you gently down the Lazy River.

Skip to 7:27 to see the Lazy River Experience

6.    Wave Pool

Being at the beach is great. You get to experience waves…but you also have to deal with sand getting everywhere and the salty water.

What if you could get waves in a POOL? Well that’s exactly what you can do at Ventura Park, Cancun’s top waterslide park.

Skip to 6:33 to see the Wave Pool in action.

7.    Twister

Did you come as a couple? Then hop-on this 2 person inner-tube and enjoy an adrenaline rush as you race to the bottom!

Listen to how much fun they’re having in the video!

8.    Wet Bubble

wet-bubble-attraction-wetnwild-cancun-cancun's top waterslide park

This child’s activity will entertain your children over and over.

And don’t worry. The Wet Bubble is safely padded.

You See? There are so many different ways to shorten your bucket list at Cancun’s Top Waterslide Park.

Bring the whole family to Ventura Park in Cancun for an experience you’ll never forget!

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