The Top 10 Craziest Things to Do in Cancun

Selvatica Presents: The Top 10 Craziest Things to Do in Cancun

tarzania-zipline - crazy things to do in cancun

Having some Corona’s or Margaritas under the sun is fun. But there’s one obvious problem with that.

Drinking will only lead to memory loss. You want to be able to remember the crazy things you do in Cancun, right?

If you really want the craziest things to do in Cancun you need to think about outdoor extreme activities.


There are two main reasons for this.

  1. Cancun has outdoor extreme activities you can’t find elsewhere in the world—and at very affordable prices as well.
  2. These are the memories that will last your lifetime. (isn’t that what vacations are all about?)

On board with me so far?


Now let’s examine the 10 Craziest Things to do in Cancun.

1.      Bungee Swing (Click here for tour details)

bungee jumps in selvatica-crazy things to do in cancun

Can you do it? Can you override your brain’s self-protection system and simply jump off the ledge?

Not everyone can. They think they can…until they look down. Before they know it, it’s been a few seconds. Now your self-protection system is firmly in control.

It’s saying “ummm…yeah…we’re not doing that. That’s a long way down, and we’re just safer up here, so we’ll pass on this. Thank you anyways though.”

But if you are able to make the jump…wow! What a rush!

Come to Selvatica and try the unique bungee swing today!

2.      Skydiving

skydive cancun - crazy things to do in cancun

You’ve been thinking about it your whole life. And what better place to try skydiving, than in Cancun.

You get to look down and see all the different shades of green and blue in the sea. It truly is a sight to behold.

See Cancun from a different vantage point and live out a lifelong dream!

3.      Human Roller-Coaster (Click here for tour details)

Human Rollercoaster - selvatica -craziest things to do in cancun

Is it a zipline? Is it a roller-coaster? The answer is…it’s both!

Ziplines only go down. Never sideways or up and then down.

Roller-coasters are done with other people in a cart. They’re never done 100% solo.

That’s what makes the Human Roller-Coaster, Tarzania, such a one-of-a-kind extreme activity. It puts you in the center of all the madness. YOU are the roller-coaster.

Try the 1 and Only Human Roller-Coaster, Tarzania, at Selvatica!

4.      Superman Face-First Zipline (Click here for tour details)

Superman Zipline at Selvatica - crazy activities in cancun

Have you ever flown like superman before? Well, unless you’re some sort of X-Men like mutant, the answer is an obvious no.

For regular non-superhuman people, there’s the Superman Zipline.

You fly, face-first, through the air, just like…yup. You guessed it. SUPERMAN!

Fly like Superman at Selvatica Park Today!

5.      Bull-Shark Dives

bullshark dive in cancun - craziest things to do in cancun

Most people are afraid of sharks. Others are fascinated by these dangerous creatures.

If you have the guts, there are bull-shark dives offered in many places in Cancun.

See Jaws up, close and personal with a bull-shark dive in Cancun

6.      Jetboat Adventure

jetboat adventure - the most extreme things to do in cancun

Do you know what a jetboat is? To put it simply, it’s the rollercoaster of the sea.

It will do 360 degree spins. It’ll wave hop. It’ll even do a kamikaze dive into the water, submerging the whole bow.

Try the Roller Coaster of the Sea, with a Jetboat Adventure in Cancun.

7.      Cenote Splash Zipline (Click here for tour details)

Cenotes in Selvatica-extreme things to do in cancun

What’s better? A cenote, or the zipline? How about a zipline INTO a cenote?

Want to up the ante? Try doing a flip as you let go of the zipline and make a big splash!

Try the Cenote Splash Zipline at Selvatica Park!

8.      Kite-Surfing

kitesurfing in cancun- crazy activities in cancun

Ok. So there aren’t 40-foot waves in Cancun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wild time surfing.

All you need is a kite-surf!

Surprise yourself at how fast kite-surfing can be in Cancun!

9.      Sky-Walk Bridges (Click here for more tour details)

Hanging aerial bridges- 6 Fun Things to do at Selvatica that are NOT Ziplines

Do you have a fear of heights? Does being agile at altitude give you the creeps?

Then conquer your fears by traversing across a SkyWalk bridge at Selvatica!

These hanging aerial bridges will put your mettle to the test.

Say goodbye to your fear of heights by conquering the SkyWalk bridges at Selvatica!

10.  ATV Jungle Tour (Click here for more tour details)

getting muddy while offroading at selvatica in cancun- the perfect cancun jungle tour

Do you want to feel like a kid again? Don’t mind getting dirty & muddy in the name of entertainment?

Then you have to try riding a Polaris ATV through jungle!

Grip the handle bars, and rip through the wet mud. Here’s your chance to simply let loose.

And don’t worry about losing control. It’s a Polaris!

Break all the rules and go ATVing in the jungle on a Polaris at Selvatica!


6 Fun Things to do at Selvatica that are NOT Ziplines

6 Fun Things to do at Selvatica that are NOT Ziplines

muddy atvs - selvatica - fun things to do at selvatica that are not ziplines

Here are 2 quick questions…

  1. If you google “ziplines in cancun”, who shows up as #1?
  2. If you look at Trip Advisor’s “top 5 ziplines & aerial adventures in Cancun” who shows up as #1?

The answer to both questions?

Selvatica Adventure Park in Cancun.

Why is that? It’s because Selvatica has the most diverse & entertaining set of ziplines in Cancun.

But guess what? Selvatica provides so much more than just ziplines.

Let’s Look at 6 Fun Things to do at Selvatica that are NOT ziplines

1.      Polaris ATVs

4 passenger Polaris RZR-fun things to do at Selvatica

Let’s get one thing straight. There are ATVs…and then there are Polaris ATVs.

What’s the difference?

  • The lightning quick acceleration
  • The turn-on-a-dime handling
  • The bump-absorbing suspension

Once you’ve ridden a Polaris ATV, there is no going back.

Come to Selvatica to hop on the best 4WD ATV on the market.

2.      Bungee Swing

bungee jump in cancun - things to do in selvatica

Now who wouldn’t want to bungee? Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

But here’s the better question…

When it’s your turn to jump, will you? Or will you have second thoughts as you’re walking to the edge of the ledge?

Will your inner monologue tell you “Have you lost it!? There’s NO way we’re doing this!”

There’s only one way to do find out…

Visit Selvatica and try the one-and-only Bungee Swing (if you dare)

3.      SkyWalk Bridge

Hanging aerial bridges- 6 Fun Things to do at Selvatica that are NOT Ziplines

Ever watch Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom? Remember the old rickety suspended bridge they have to cross over?

You know? The one that’s high up in the air, and doesn’t exactly look like it would pass a safety inspection?

Ever wonder how you’d fare in that scenario?

Then you have to try Selvatica’s SkyWalk Bridge. Test your agility under pressure & your fear of heights—all while safely strapped in!

4.      Jungle

jungle- 6 Fun Things to do at Selvatica that are NOT Ziplines

You can hop on a zipline anywhere. But there’s no better place than the jungle.


Because it brings out the inner wild side hidden in all of us.

Listening to the jungle birds singing…

Feeling the warmth trapped under the jungle canopy…

Smelling the jungle breeze…

Nothing sets the mood for adventure like the jungle at Selvatica!

5.      Cenotes Swims

cenote- 6 Fun Things to do at Selvatica that are NOT Ziplines

There’s nothing more refreshing than a swim in a cenote. NOTHING.

How best to describe the feeling you get from swimming in a cenote after a long, dirty adventure in the jungle?

It’s like taking a shower…on steroids.

The crystal clear, salt-free, always-replenished bottomless waterhole, provides for the ultimate reinvigoration.

Come to Selvatica for a cenote swim you will never forget!

6.      Selvatica Tribe

Selvatica Tribe- things to do at Selvatica that are not ziplines

When you come to Selvatica, you’re not just another client or curious world traveler. You’re part of the Selvatica Tribe.

We don’t just say “good luck!” and hope that you have a good time. We stay with you, every step of the way, to GUARANTEE you not only have a good time. But the best time of your life.

That’s the Selvatica difference you won’t find at other parks. We learn your name, and you learn ours, and by the end of it, a bond is formed.

There’s no better way to feel safe, than when you’re with your friends.

Come to the #1 Outdoor Adventure Park and join the Selvatica Tribe today!



What is the Bongo Tour? An Epic 6-Hour Cancun Party Bus!

What is the Bongo Tour? An Epic 6-Hour Cancun Party Bus!

what is the bongo tour logo

People come to Cancun for two reasons:

  1. To enjoy the spectacular beaches at the Hotel Zone
  2. Have an epic time partying

What’s the best way to party in Cancun?

The Bongo Tour!


Because the Bongo Tour is a can’t-miss 6-hour party bus tour through Cancun’s best bars.

What do you get with the Bongo Tour?

  • As Many Domestic Drinks As You Desire
  • Never Wait in Line with Priority Bar Service
  • Always Have a Spot to Sit in with Reserved Seating

Think about that for a moment…

What’s the worst part of going to a bar?

  1. You never know just how much money you will spend.

(And let’s face it. You tend to spend more liberally as the night goes on. Next day you’re left wondering…where did all my money go?)

  1. Is there anything more awkward than trying to catch a bar-tender’s attention?

There’s nothing worse than feeling you’re being neglected.

  1. Don’t you just hate when there’s absolutely nowhere to sit?

Even if you’re lucky enough to find a seat, you don’t want to get up, for fear of losing it.

With the Bongo Tour, you don’t have to stress about ANY of that!

With the Bongo Tour you…

  • Save money by knowing just how much you’ll spend for the WHOLE night of drinking.
  • Get treated like the most important person in the room…always.
  • Always have a spot (that you won’t have to linger over to protect.)

Where Does the Bongo Tour Party Bus Take You?

Cancun is an awesome town to go drinking. But there’s just one problem. Most people don’t know where to go! Worse yet…they don’t know how to get there.

And honestly…do you really want to be checking Google Maps & Trip Advisor late at night while drunk?

That’s part of the beauty of going on a Bongo Tour. They take you to all the drinking hotspots in the Hotel Zone.

Here’s where the Bongo Tour Party Bus takes you…

1.      Congo Bar (9:00 PM – 10:30 PM)

what is the bongo tour-congo bar 2

This bar offers a fun & festive party atmosphere with beautiful go-go dancers everywhere (you don’t see ladies like this back home)

2.      Senor Frogs (10:30 PM – Midnight)

what is the bongo tour- senor frogs

Continue the party by participating in a conga line at the world-famous Senor Frogs Bar & Restaurant.

3.      Bar & Boutique (Midnight – 12:30 AM)

what is the bongo tour-bar & boutique

Commemorate your experience by purchasing a souvenir at the Bar & Boutique.

4.      Coco Bongo (12:30AM – 3:00 AM)

what is the bongo tour- coco bongo

And for the Grand Finale…

The best nightclub in Cancun: Coco Bongo

What makes Coco Bongo so great?

Well for starters, it’s a wild & crazy party atmosphere like you’ve never seen before…

But its more than that though…

You also get world-class entertainment in the form of mind-blowing performances.

what is the bongo tour-coco bongo

So you see…

If you’re looking for the best way to party in Cancun, there can be no doubt.

The Bongo Tour Party Bus is far and away your best option.



Welcome to the Jungle! Why You Should Take a Cancun Jungle Tour

Welcome to the Jungle! Why You Should Take a Cancun Jungle Tour

ziplines at selvatica-jungle tour in cancun

The Mayan Jungle

Cancun offers millions of tourists from all over the world a great escape from the repetitive work cycle.

Some people choose to lay down at the beach and have a few drinks. That’s nice.

But eventually, some get hungry for excitement. You know? They want a true adventure that’ll get their adrenaline juices flowing.

And there’s no better place for adventure than the Mayan Jungle at Selvatica.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you go on a Cancun Jungle Tour, and what you can do once you’re there.

Where to take a Cancun Jungle Tour

getting muddy while offroading at selvatica in cancun- the perfect cancun jungle tour

The jungle in Cancun can be intimidating for newcomers. For this reason, you should only visit the Mayan Jungle alongside a group of experts.

You know? A jungle tour company you can trust with a lot of experience.

How do you know if they have a lot of experience?

For one, you can check their reviews.

Here’s how:

  1. Just go to Trip Advisor by typing
  2. Then click on “Things to do” at the top.
  3. Next type in your destination, “Cancun”.
  4. After that, on the left, under “Types of Attractions”, click “Outdoor Activities”.

Who do you see as the #1 ranked Outdoor Activity in Cancun?

Selvatica Adventure Park!

With thousands of reviews and a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, you can be sure you’re in safe hands with Selvatica.

What you can do on a jungle tour in Cancun

Ok. So now we know which company you can trust. Now the last remaining question is…

Once you’re there…what sort of activities can you do in the Mayan Jungle of Cancun?

Here’s a list of 5 activities to do one a Cancun Jungle Tour at Selvatica Adventure Park

1.       Ziplines

superman zipline at selvatica-things to do on a jungle tour in cancun

Get a bird’s eye view as you soar through the air on a 12 zipline circuit!

2.       ATV

atvs in the mayan jungle of selvatica

Let the Mayan jungle be your playground as you tear through the mud on a Polaris ATV.

3.       SkyWalk

skywalk at selvatica-what is there to do on a cancun jungle tour

Test your fear of heights by traversing wobbly hanging aerial bridges.

4.       Bungees

bungee jumps in selvatica-why you should take a jungle tour in cancun

Shorten your bucket list by FINALLY bungee jumping off a jungle tree.

5.       Cenotes

Cenotes in Selvatica-cancun jungle tour-things to do

Reinvigorate yourself in a refreshing cenote after a long day in the jungle.

As you can see above, Cancun Jungle Tour is the epitome of an awesome ADVENTURE.

Think about it.

10 years from now, will you really remember laying down under the sun, getting drunk?


…will you remember the time you embarked on an incredible journey deep into the Cancun jungle where you had the time of your life?

Click here if you want to have the time of your life with a Cancun Jungle Tour at Selvatica.

Why you HAVE to choose a Polaris for your Cancun ATV Tour

Why you HAVE to choose a Polaris for your Cancun ATV Tour at Selvatica

Polaris ATV at Selvatica
Polaris ATV at Selvatica

Selvatica has a reputation

What is it?

Well, we, ourselves, could tell you…

Our reputation is that of being the best in the business. Hands down.

But would you believe us?

Sure. A lot of companies say they’re the best.

But we have social proof of our claim. LOTS of it actually. We’re not talking about one or two Facebook posts. We’re talking about THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of reviews on Trip Advisor.

It’s why Selvatica is Trip Advisor’s # 1 outdoor activity in Cancun.

So it should be no surprise, that we only choose to work with the best as well.

Why? Because we have a reputation to protect.

Polaris ATV

polaris cancun atv tour at selvatica

That’s why we love the Polaris ATV.

The Polaris brand represents the peak of ATV tours in Cancun. When it comes to offroading in Cancun, you better have a Polaris.

But you may be wondering…

Aren’t all ATVs just the same thing?

That would be like saying all cars are built the same. Clearly, there are huge differences. The same goes for ATVs.

What to expect with a Polaris ATV when offroading in Cancun

4 passenger Polaris RZR- offroading in Cancun at selvatica

Maybe there’s someone in your group thinking…

I don’t know. Isn’t off-roading really rough?  I don’t think I can handle an ATV tour in Cancun.

If this is the case, reassure them. Polaris ATVs are a completely different breed. Sure. If you WANT things to be rough… a Polaris all-terrain vehicle will handle anything you throw at it.

But sometimes people prefer are a more gentle ride. Don’t be surprised if after riding a Polaris ATV, they say…

I wish my car handled like a Polaris!

Want to know what specifically makes a Polaris ATV the best in the business?

Here are 5 reasons to go with a Polaris ATV when offroading in Cancun

Polaris all terrain vehicle- atv tour in cancun at selvatica

  1. Polaris engineers, don’t just build the ATVs; they are ATV enthusiasts. The final product reflects this.
  2. With the most responsive power steering available, you always have complete control. You’ll never get steering fatigue.
  3. Perhaps the best part of a Polaris ATV is its unrivaled suspension. Prepare yourself for the SMOOTHEST ride you’ve ever had in a vehicle, period.
  4. With a high ground clearance and independent rear suspension, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in any potholes.
  5. Just tap the gas pedal for commanding power to dominate any terrain you find in the Mayan jungle.

The bottom line is when you take a Cancun ATV tour…

A Polaris ATV provides the ultimate combination of power, suspension, and agility.

Where can you ride a Polaris ATV in Cancun?

Head on over to Trip Advisor’s # 1 Outdoor Activity and try the Offroad Polaris Tour, by clicking here.


Ventura Park Lowers Prices for Local & Mexican Visitors

Ventura Park Now Has New Prices for Local & National Mexican Visitors

Ventura Park - Cancun amusement park perfect for families

What’s new with Ventura Park?

Ventura Park, the best waterpark in Cancun, just made some big changes to their national/local pricing scheme.

In order to reward the Mexican tourists from all over the country who make their way to Cancun, Ventura Park has made things MUCH less expensive.

The first big change to Ventura Park’s prices

Well, the first change is, Mexican’s don’t need to exchange their MXN pesos into American Dollars USD. It’s not a secret the exchange rate has been changing rapidly.

This causes unnecessary complications for Mexican tourists.

So, if you’re Mexican, you can buy your tickets to Ventura Park with pesos. This gives your vacation budget some much needed clarity and certainty.

The second big change to Ventura Park’s prices

If you’re a Mexican national, the adult entry price is 750 MXN pesos. That’s it!

This gives you access to these Ventura Park Worlds + food & non-alcoholic beverages

  1. Aaahventura
  2. Wet’n Wild
  3. Fun World

Access to Dolphinaris, Grand Prix, and Underworld are sold separately.

The best part?

Mexican children only pay 500 MXN pesos!

This allows the whole family to have a magical time at the only theme park in the Hotel Zone.

The third big change to Ventura Park’s prices

If you are an adult resident of Quintana Roo, things are getting EVEN less expensive.

You get the same deal mentioned above, except you only pay 499 MXN pesos for adults. That’s an absolute steal!

For children from Quintana Roo, the price is a shockingly low 350 MXN pesos.

“With this new pricing scheme, we seek to simplify our offer and at the same time bring a unique experience to a larger share of potential visitors, to both the local market and the tourism market.

This one-of-a-kind offer for our multi-attraction park, plus the advantages that the Mexican public will find using our national currency, we believe this positions us as a very unique and attractive option in this beautiful destination”

Iñigo Castillo, Commercial Director of Ventura Entertainment

What’s available at Ventura Park?

1.      Wet’n Wild

wet-n-wild-cancun - cancun amusement park

Enjoy a series of wild waterslides plus an artificial wave pool. For the kids, there is an aquatic playground.

2.      AaahVentura

venturapark-aaahventura-world- ventura park just lowered its prices for mexicans

Soar thru the air with several ziplines + test your fear of heights by bungee jumping.

3.      Fun World

Fun World-mexicans get lower prices at ventura park

Bring your kids to enjoy a merry-go-round, swinging chairs, and the only roller coaster in the hotel zone. Don’t worry. It’s kid-safe.

4.      Grand Prix

grand prix-ventura park lowered prices for residents of quintana roo

Test your racing skills on a seaside go-kart track.

5.      Underworld

underworld-arcade in cancun-ventura park now has better prices for mexicans

Experience the latest in cutting edge video game technology with the HTC VIVE headset.

6.      Dolphinaris

swimming-with-dolphins-cancun-lower prices for mexicans at ventura park

Shorten your bucket list and swim with a dolphin.

7.      Beach Oh Club

el beach oh club at ventura park-now with lower prices for mexicans

Lay back on a luxe, four-post bed, listen to the ocean while you wait for bedside food + drink service.

As you can see, Ventura Park is a truly unique waterpark that offers a host of different entertaining activities. You won’t find this much fun under one roof anywhere else in Cancun or the Riviera Maya.

And with the latest pricing scheme, it’s the ultimate destination for Mexican families traveling to Cancun.




15 Reasons Why Wet’n Wild’s the Best Waterslide Park in Cancun

15 Quick Reasons Why Wet’n Wild’s the Best Waterslide Park in Cancun

Cancun receives millions of travelers every year. As soon as they get here, they all think the same thing:

Now how do I cool off from the hot sun?

It’s no surprise that the answer to that question for many is waterslide parks.

You can…

  • Relax with slow moving inner tube floats
  • Get a dose of adrenaline with rapid waterslides
  • Finally, catch a break from the scorching heat


Wondering where’s the best waterslide park in Cancun is?

Here are 8 reasons why Wet’n Wild’s the Best Waterslide Park in Cancun

List of waterslides available at Wet’n Wild

1.      Bubba Tub

Wet-n-wild-cancun-bubba-tub-slide-the number 1 waterslide park in cancun

Bring the whole family inside this giant inner-tube ring and wait for the refreshing splash at the end!

2.      Double Space Bowl

Wet-n-wild-cancun-double-space-bowl-slide1-the best waterpark in cancun

Slide down this 50-foot slide at over 30 miles per hour!

3.      Kamikaze

Wet-n-wild-cancun-kamikaze-slide1-the top waterpark in the hotel zone

Do you dare to slide down the intimidating Kamikaze slide?

4.      Kids Park

Wet-n-wild-cancun-kids-park1-waterpark safe for kids in cancun

Kids like playgrounds….but they LOVE aquatic playgrounds.

5.      Lazy River

Wet-n-wild-cancun-lazy-river-relax at a waterpark in cancun

Because sometimes, you just want to lay back, relax and float wherever the current takes you.

6.      Wave Pool

Wet-n-wild-cancun-wave-pool-reasons to visit wet'n wild

Try this state-of-the-art artificial wave pool!

7.      Twister

Wet-n-wild-cancun-twister-slide-where are the best waterslide parks in cancun

Hop on this 2-person inner-tube and wait for the crazy twists and turns for the big splash!

8.      Wet Bubble

wet-bubble-attraction-wetnwild-cancun-reasons why wet'n wild is the best waterslide park

This Wet Bubble is softly padded throughout so kids can safely try to see who can make it to the top first.

You just read 8 great reasons to visit Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park.

But you know what?

There’s actually, even more reasons for you to visit because…

6 more reasons why Wet’n Wild is the best waterpark:

Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park is located INSIDE of Ventura Park.

It’s considered one of the many “worlds” inside of Ventura Park. Here’s a brief look at what else you can do once you’re there.

1.      Dolphinaris

swimming-with-dolphins-cancun-what else can you do at wet'n wild

Make a magical moment happen when you swim with a bottlenose dolphin.

2.      Grand Prix

grand prix- what else can you do at wet'n wild

Feel the ocean breeze as you race go-karts just yards away from the sea.

3.      Underworld

virtual reality htc vive - underworld- reasons to visit wet'n wild waterslide park

See what all the fuss is about when you try the cutting-edge virtual reality headset, HTC VIVE.

4.      Amazonia

Amazonia -Differences- is wet'n wild waterslide park worth visiting

Come close to giant pythons, brightly colored parrots, and various other animals of the Amazon.

5.      Fun World

Fun World-reasons to visit wetn wild

Bring your kids to ride a merry-go-round, swing on the crazy chairs, and even ride a child-safe roller coaster.

6.      Aaahventura

venturapark-aaahventura-world- other things you can do at wetn wild

Get the ultimate adrenaline rush as you soar over the ground on ziplines and bungee jumps.

So now you have a better understanding as to what else is waiting for you after you’re done with Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park.

The only question left unanswered now is: how do you get to Wet’n Wild?

Wet’n Wild Location & Transportation:

Maybe the best part of Wet’n Wild Waterslide park is the fact that it’s right in the Hotel Zone.

There’s no need to take a long one-hour bus ride to, and back. You can catch your ride for FREE on air air-conditioned bus.

catch your ride - ventura park- cancun amusement park -how to get to wet'n wild

For pickup/drop-off points, click here.

That was 15 Quick Reasons Why Wet’n Wild’s the Best Waterslide Park in Cancun



2017: Dolphinaris Foundation Participates in Laguna de Términos en Campeche Project

2017: Dolphinaris Foundation Participates in Laguna de Términos en Campeche Project



For the 3rd consecutive year, Dolphinaris participated in the Laguna de Terminos Project in Campeche. Dolphinaris had the pleasure of partnering with Universidad Autónoma del Carmen (UNACAR).

The Amikoo Foundation helped by donating funds for the project.

What is the Laguna de Términos en Campeche Project?


The Laguna de Términos en Campeche Project involves examining, evaluating, and recording the health status of the bottlenose dolphins living in the area.

Why is this so important?

With this data collected, qualified scientists can infer the amount of environmental pollution in the area.

Why Laguna de Términos en Campeche?

Here you can find one of the densest populations of wild bottlenose dolphins in the world. The reason for this is, the rich abundance of resources in the lagoon. This allows the entire food-chain to flourish.

This makes it the perfect area to perform an evaluation, for not only the region, but all of Mexico.

If diseases, poor health, or significant pollution is detected in the region, or in its marine life, we can safely assume this is a warning signal for the rest of Mexico. If not the world.

In other words, this project is not only important for Campeche, but everyone else as well.

How Dolphinaris Helps


Dolphinaris’ participation is key in the whole process. We provide vast dolphin care experience. Our trainers and veterinarians make up our highly qualified team. We apply the same proven techniques we have used when collecting samples at our dolphinarium.

This way, we can ensure that no wild dolphin is harmed in any way.

Here’s how the procedure works

First, we implement some safety guidelines.

  1. Work with one animal at a time.
  2. Avoid groups containing offspring
  3. Go no further than 13 feet deep
  4. Monitor the dolphin’s vitals at all times
  5. Return dolphin to water whenever necessary
  6. Use only sterile equipment
  7. Implement only the least invasive procedures possible

And of course, the most important safety guideline of all: treat the mammals with professionalism and respect.

The Results


Thanks to these investigations, we have been able to determine that the dolphins in the region have a significant concentration of pesticides.

Unfortunately, these toxins weaken their immune and endocrine system. This leaves them vulnerable to diseases.

The good news is, now that we know, we can pass this information on to the proper scientists. They in turn, can develop a strategy that will help reduce this sort of pollution in the future.

The Future

Dolphinaris is proud to participate in this unprecedented conservation event. This research is not only important for our dolphinarium, but the ecosystem of Laguna de Términos, and of the entire state of Mexico.


Dolphinaris Cleans Beaches in Cancun this April 2017

Dolphinaris Cleans Beaches in Cancun this April 2017

dolphinaris - brigada de limpieza de playas- beach cleaning

Dolphinaris has always been committed to the conservation of marine environments.

It’s why part of every sale goes to the Dolphinaris Foundation.

As you see…It’s not something we only preach about. We take an active leadership role.

What the Dolphinaris Foundation has done in the past

The Dolphinaris Foundation worked with Universidad Autónoma del Carmen to perform a health assessment of wild bottlenose dolphins, and also teamed up with Cornell University and Texas & AM Corpus Christi University to aid in the education of future marine veterinarians.


Beach Cleaning by Dolphinaris

Then it should come as no surprise that this April 1, 2017, Dolphinaris spearheaded a beach-cleaning initiative in the Riviera Maya.

This is important because millions of pounds of trash can be found at beaches every day!

Where did it happen?

The Dolphinaris Team met up in the hotel zone in Cancun, at the public beach Chacmol.

What did they find?

  • Cigarette butts
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Thermal jars
  • Aluminum cans

How much trash was found?

In total the Dolphinaris Team collected over 103 pounds!

dolphinaris - picking up trash at the beach

The Dolphinaris Challenge: How can you help?

Dolphinaris invites everyone to lend a helping hand in keeping the Riviera Maya beaches the most beautiful in the world.

Not only will this help everyone safely enjoy the beaches. But it will protect marine fauna from our trash.

Want to help, but not sure how to proceed?

Here are 5 ways you can keep beaches clean in the Riviera Maya

  1. Make sure you bring your own trash receptacle. Bring several large heavy-duty black trash bags.

Why? Because the beach area may not have a trash receptacle.

  1. When you come to the beach, bring a reusable plastic bottle.

Not only will it most likely keep your drink cooler for a longer period of time, but through time, it will keep the ocean cleaner.

  1. Don’t throw cigarette butts into the sand!

Try using an empty can instead.

  1. Don’t enter the water with plastic objects (like toys, frisbies, etc)

If you must, be sure that all plastic objects stay with you, and not in the ocean.

  1. Do an inventory before you leave

Be sure to ask yourself: Am I leaving with everything that I came with?

For extra help, consider this infographic by Live Science:

10 things you can do for trash free seas-infographic-dolphinaris-beach cleaning



  1. Dolphinaris just removed over 100 pounds of trash from the beaches. This is 100 pounds of toxic trash that would have found its way into the oceans, and harmed marine life.


  1. Through the Dolphinaris Foundation, Dolphinaris has kept a strong tradition of marine conservation.


  1. Dolphinaris invites you to help keep beaches clean by following our 5 tips.

How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]

How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]

Dolphins swims offer dolphin enthusiasts the best way to learn more about their favorite marine mammal.

You get to…

  1. Find out facts about their diet, physiology, and anatomy
  2. Discover how you can personally assist in marine conservation
  3. Come eye to eye with your favorite cetacean

Read this artice if you’re interested in how to swim with dolphins.

1.      Find the best location

Cancun's Hotel Zone-How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]

There are many great places in the world to swim with dolphins.

The main locations are Florida, Hawaii, and Mexico (particularly Cancun).

The most popular place to swim with dolphins in the world is Cancun.

Why Cancun?

Cancun is the most popular place for dolphin swims because…

  • There are many neighboring locations with dolphinariums like Cozumel/Riviera Maya/Tulum/Puerto Aventuras
  • It has wonderfully warm weather 365 days a year
  • It features the lowest prices on the planet for dolphin swims
  • There are a host of other travel activities at your disposal

2.      Pick the best dolphinarium

swimming-with-dolphins-cancun-dolphinaris-How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]

So how do you know which dolphinariums are the best?

It’s easy.

Look for these traits when trying to find the best dolphinarium

It has…

3.      Book ahead of time

planahead-2-How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]

Many dolphinariums offer discounts if you book ahead of time.

The takeaway?
Plan ahead of time. Procrastination is expensive.

One more thing. Don’t forget to check if the prices change based on what hour you select. Sometimes busier hours will command higher prices, and vice versa.

4.      Don’t forget to bring with you…

BEACH-BAG-How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]

You’re going to want to bring either a beach bag, or backpack with you.

Make sure your bag contains a…

  • Towel
  • Bathing suit
  • change of fresh clothes
  • plastic bags (for wet clothes)
  • cash/credit card for souvenirs or pictures

5.      Listen to your guide’s instructions

key to success-How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]

The number one key to success for your dolphin swim is to listen to your guide.

Here are a few tips.

  1. Enter the water calmly without splashing.
  2. Only touch the dolphins when, where, and how the guide instructs you.
  3. NEVER touch the blowhole, snout, eyes, or top of the head (melon).
  4. Remember to never use your fingernails as their skin is very sensitive.

6.      Behold the moment

keep calm and embrace the moment-How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]

Believe it or not, in the blink of an eye, the whole experience will be over. It’s what happens when you’re having the time of your life.

Because of this, you should embrace your time with the dolphin. Really soak it in.

The trick is to pay attention to the details. This will help you better recall experience later on.

7.      Purchase pictures

keep calm and embrace the moment-How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]

Paying attention to the details is key. But purchasing pictures? It’s not only ideal for reliving the experience personally.

It’s an epic way to show your friends and family what exactly you did on your Cancun vacation.

8.      Come back with your friends

dolphinaris with family-How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]

After your friends see your dolphin swim pictures, they’re going to want to have their own!

What better gift to share with a friend, than a bucket-list dolphin swim?

This has been our “How to Swim with Dolphins [Step-by-Step WikiHow-Style Guide]”. If you enjoyed, please Like or Share on Facebook.