Why is Selvatica Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun?

Why is Selvatica Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun?

Let me guess.

You’re planning a trip to Cancun, and wondered “What is there to do in Cancun?”.

Then you went on Trip Advisor because they have thousands of unbiased reviews.

And when you clicked on “Outdoor Activities in Cancun” you noticed something.

Selvatica Adventure Park was rated #1.

So you wondered, “Why is Selvatica Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun?”

It’s a valid question to be sure.

There are plenty of places in Cancun that have ziplines. Or ATVs.

Surely there must be something unique happening in Selvatica to consistently, for 6 years straight, be listed as the #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun.

You want the true answer?

It’s the staff. It’s their excellent, top notch customer service. Why does that matter so much?

Because when you’re engaging in extreme outdoor activities like ziplines, ATVs and bungees, you want to feel safe. You don’t want to feel like just another ticket-purchasing customer.

And guess what? At those other places, that’s exactly how you’ll be treated…

  1. You’ll pay for your ticket.
  2. They’ll wish you good luck.
  3. And then you’re on your own to wait in long lines.

Why? Because there’s no organization or personalization.

Here’s the Selvatica way. Here’s why Selvatica is Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun.

1.    When You’re at Selvatica, You’re Part of the Tribe

As soon as you get to Selvatica, we’ll break you up into small groups of 15-20. You’ll immediately learn the name of your Tribe Leader, and they’ll learn your name.

If you have any concerns, they’ll learn them. Then find a way to address those concerns so you feel safe and relaxed.

Before you know it, any anxiety and trepidation will transform itself into levity and laughter.

2.    Why ‘Divide & Conquer’ Beats ‘Free for All’ Everytime

Familarity is one advantage to being in a group.

Here’s another.

You won’t have to wait 30-45 minutes (or more!) in a long line just to ride one zipline. Yes, seriously. That’s what you’ll experience at the other parks!

Not at Selvatica.

Here, everything runs like clockwork. We’ll move very efficiently from one activity to the next. How so? Because everything is coordinated to a tee.

That’s the benefit of having over 20 years of experience.

3.    Activities You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Yes. I know. I said it didn’t have to do with the activities. And it doesn’t.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that Selvatica has activities nobody else in the Riviera Maya does.

What are they?

1.    The Human Rollercoaster, Tarzania

It’s not a zipline. It’s more like a human roller-coaster!

2.    The Cenote-Splash Zipline

What’s the best way to end a zipline?

By doing a flip and landing in a cenote!

3.    Bungee!

Do you dare to bungee?

4.    Skywalk Bridge

hanging-aerial-bridges-selvatica-Why is Selvatica Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun

Conquer your fear of heights by traversing this wobbly bridge high up in the air!

So you see…

When someone asks you “Why is Selvatica the #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun?” you tell them it’s the superb excellent customer service, and the unique extreme activities you won’t find elsewhere.

8 Must-See Places in the Riviera Maya (A Quick Guide)

 8 Must-See Places in the Riviera Maya (A Quick Guide)

If you’re coming to Cancun, don’t stop there. Why? Because there’s SO much more to experience.

If you truly want to experience Mexican culture, do you really want to limit yourself to a “Hotel Zone”?

Think about it.

It’s not where Mexican residents eat, sleep, and live life.

The bottom line? To find the true Mexico, you must venture outside of Cancun.

The question is: what places to visit outside of Cancun? To answer that question, we’ve created this quick guide of Must-See Places in the Riviera Maya.

This guide will act as if you started from Cancun (makes sense because Cancun has the only international airport) and then traveled southward.

Must-See Places in the Riviera Maya

1.    Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres- Places in the Riviera Maya

Ok. I lied. =)
Technically speaking, Isla Mujeres is north of Cancun. But not by much though.

This slender island has quickly become one of the top things to do in Cancun.


Because at Isla Mujeres you can…

  1. Swim with Whale Sharks from May-September
  2. Snorkel/Scuba at the world’s largest underwater Museum (MUSA)
  3. Rent a golf-cart and explore the small island seaside
  4. See ancient Mayan Ruins
  5. Go bar-hopping downtown

2.   Puerto Morelos

puerto morelos-Places in the Riviera Maya

This tiny fishing village has become a must-visit destination for everyone in the Riviera Maya.

It’s perfect for…

  • Snorkeling in the “Parque Nacional Arrecife de Puerto Morelos”
  • Getting your adrenaline rush with ziplines, ATVs, bungees, and skywalks
  • Visiting the interactive Croco Cun Zoo
  • Enjoying a relaxing time at Ojo de Agua Beach

3.   Playa del Carmen

playa del carmen quinta avenida-Places in the Riviera Maya

Located smack in the middle between Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Tulum and Cozumel, Playa del Carmen is close to…well just about everything.

It’s about one hour south of Cancun, and one hour north of Tulum. Hop on a ferry and head eastward for about 30 minutes, and you’ll end up in the island of Cozumel.

It’s no wonder that Playa del Carmen was recently named one of the fastest growing cities in ALL of Latin America.

What can you at Playa del Carmen?

  • Head to the world-famous 5th Avenue, Downtown.
  • Visit the very popular theme parks in the area like Dolphinaris and others.
  • Go skydiving over the beach
  • Live like royalty at the Kool Beach Club

4.   Cozumel

cozumel-snorkel-cielo-Places in the Riviera Maya

Located a brief ferry ride away from Playa del Carmen, Cozumel offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba-diving experiences on the planet.

Here you can see sea turtles, sting ray, nurse sharks, groupers, sea horse and so much more.

Interested? Check out this article that lists the top 8 places to scuba dive in Cozumel.

5.   Akumal

Akumal-Bay-Places in the Riviera Maya

Ever have the desire to swim alongside sea-turtles?

You’ll get exactly that chance at Akumal!

Where is Akumal? Akumal is located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

This small, low-key beach offers a quite beach experience. But more than that, you get to see sea-turtles up –close!

6.   Tulum

Tulum Ruins with ocean backdrop-Places in the Riviera Maya

Tulum offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a bohemian hippy, or a celebrity jet-setter like Leonardo di Caprio , you’re going to love Tulum.


For starters, its turquoise-colored beaches have been ranked in the top 5 in the entire world.

Not to mention there’s the seaside Mayan Ruins of Tulum as well.

7.   Bacalar

bacalar-Places in the Riviera Maya

Not many people have heard of Bacalar. Even though, it’s 2.5 hours south of Tulum, that’s quickly changing.

Why are people making the road trip to visit Bacalar?

IMAgE 7 colores lagoon

Does that answer your question? You know who else loved that lagoon?

The real pirates of the Caribbean!

That’s why in 1725 a fort was built to stop them from looting the area. Till this day the fort stands, and is an excellent museum to learn about Bacalar’s history.

8.   Mahahual

mahahual-Places in the Riviera Maya

Located about an hour east of Bacalar, Mahahual offers you a host of things to do.

But maybe the best, is the most simplest of all: walking down the Malecon, or, boardwalk.

Here you’ll find a bevy excellent seafood eateries, and it’ll connect you with all of the available tours in the area like deep-sea fishing and Jeep tours.

You a history buff?

Then you’ll want to check out these 4 Mayan Ruins:

  1. Chacchoben
  2. Kohunlich
  3. Dzibanché
  4. Ichkabal

You see? There’s so much more to do on your Cancun vacation than JUST Cancun. By visiting these 8 Must-See Places in the Riviera Maya you will be experiencing the TRUE Mexican culture.

4 Reasons Why Ventura Park’s Arcade is Amazing & Futuristic

4 Reasons Why Ventura Park’s Arcade is Amazing & Futuristic

virtual reality htc vive - underworld-Ventura Park’s Arcade

When you think of Cancun, you think of beaches and sun.

But there’s much more you can do on your Cancun family vacation. Like what?

Consider Ventura Park’s futuristic & amazing arcade for instance. Why? Because this arcade is fun for the whole family—not just gamers.

It features cutting edge technology you won’t find ANYWHERE else in Mexico (maybe even not back home either!).

Want to hear why everyone is buzzing about Ventura Park’s futuristic arcade? Great.

Then let’s read about…

The 4 Reasons Why Ventura Park’s Arcade is Amazing & Futuristic

1.    Star Wars Battle Pod

From the outside, it may look like any other arcade game. However…

Once you step inside, you realize its clever setup. Once you step inside, you close the door behind.

Then you sit down in the control center, and realize that you’re not looking at a flat screen.

No. This offers a semi-circular line of sight that completely surrounds you.

The result? It makes you feel like you’re truly flying a Star Wars Battle pod.

2.    The Mission

We’ve all seen it before in a movie…a high-stakes diamond heist accomplished by avoiding an array of laser alarms.

Ever wonder, ‘hmmm, I wonder if I could pull that off, do I have the body control to navigate through a laser maze without setting off the alarm?’

Well stop wondering! Head on over to Ventura Park’s futuristic arcade and find out today.  (Check out the video above to see The Mission.

Skip to 10 seconds

3.    Virtual Reality by HTC

At Ventura Park’s futuristic arcade you can experience the very latest in virtual reality technology.

Put on the ultra-powerful HTC Vive virtual reality headset on and open your eyes in a completely different world. Yes. It’s that awesome.

Can you navigate through a haunted house without getting frightened? You may be saying “of course I could!”, but until you’ve experienced true virtual reality, you’re just guessing.

Check out the video above to get a glimpse of what everyone in the tech world has been buzzing about: Virtual Reality!

4.    Virtualizer by Cyberith

The HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset is amazing. In fact, most people who talk about ”Virtual Reality” are speaking only of the headset.

And the headset truly is impressive on its own. However…

Ventura Park’s futuristic arcade takes Virtual Reality to a WHOLE different level.  How?

With Cyberith’s Virtualizer!

Think about it. If you’re wearing a headset, how are you going to walk without bumping into walls?

Good question, right? The answer? The Virtualizer!

This allows you to walk, run safely in place without actually advancing forward. They strap you in at the hip, so falling over is impossible!

Check out the explanatory video above to get a better idea of just how much The Virtualizer adds to the VR experience.

Skip to 2 minutes to see it in action.

5.    Laser Battle Tanks

Laser tag and bumper cars is so yesterday…


It’s all about Laser Battle Tanks. It blends the best of both worlds for a totally new experience!

Just don’t get shot…or you’re going for a 360 spin!

Check out the video above for a demonstration.

You see, Cancun offers much more than just beaches and sun. If you come to Ventura Park, you can experience the very latest in arcade game experiences. Book online and get discounts!

Shorten Your Bucket List at Cancun’s Top Waterslide Park

Shorten Your Bucket List at Cancun’s Top Waterslide Park

Wet-n-wild-cancun-kamikaze-slide1-Cancun's Top Waterslide Park

Maybe you’ve seen pictures or videos of waterslides your whole life. But one thing you’ve never actually done?

Is actually having the waterslide park experience yourself.

So this Cancun vacation, shorten your bucket list. Visit Ventura Park. Here you’ll find Cancun’s top waterslide park and have an amazing experience you’ll never forget.

So what makes the waterslide experience at Ventura Park Cancun’s top waterslide park?

Here’s a List of 8 Fun Things to do at Cancun’s Top Waterslide Park (With Videos!)

1.    Bubba Tub

This incredible waterslide allows for an inner-tube.  What sort of advantage does that give you?

This means you and 3 other family members or friends can ride down the slide at the same time!

Check out the video above to see what you’re missing.

2.    Double Space Bowl

Care to go for a spin?

The double space bowl sends you down 50 feet in a winding tube traveling at 44 feet per second!

Skip to 1:15 of the video to see the full experience.

3.    Kamikaze

Are you feeling brave? Well you better be! Because this waterslide is not for the faint of heart!

This open top waterslide will send chills down your spine as you race to the bottom.

Get a glimpse of the experience from the video above.


4.    Kid’s Park

Did the whole family come with you? Even the little ones? Well don’t worry. They’re going to have some fun.

That’s what’s great about Ventura Park. There’s something fun for everyone.

The Kid’s Park features a fun playground that’s semi-submerged.

Yes. They even get their own waterslides.

Check out the fun in the video above! You see? We told you this was Cancun’s top waterslide park!

5.    Lazy River

Are you the more relaxed type? Prefer to skip the adrenaline rush? Then head over to Lazy River.

Hop on an inner-tube and lay back. Let the current take you gently down the Lazy River.

Skip to 7:27 to see the Lazy River Experience

6.    Wave Pool

Being at the beach is great. You get to experience waves…but you also have to deal with sand getting everywhere and the salty water.

What if you could get waves in a POOL? Well that’s exactly what you can do at Ventura Park, Cancun’s top waterslide park.

Skip to 6:33 to see the Wave Pool in action.

7.    Twister

Did you come as a couple? Then hop-on this 2 person inner-tube and enjoy an adrenaline rush as you race to the bottom!

Listen to how much fun they’re having in the video!

8.    Wet Bubble

wet-bubble-attraction-wetnwild-cancun-cancun's top waterslide park

This child’s activity will entertain your children over and over.

And don’t worry. The Wet Bubble is safely padded.

You See? There are so many different ways to shorten your bucket list at Cancun’s Top Waterslide Park.

Bring the whole family to Ventura Park in Cancun for an experience you’ll never forget!

Book now!

5 Entertaining Dolphin Swim Programs in Playa del Carmen

5 Entertaining Dolphin Swim Programs in Playa del Carmen

Are you staying at Playa del Carmen, and are looking for the nearest dolphinarium for a dolphin encounter?

It’s the perfect Playa del Carmen activity for families, couples, and anyone looking to shorten their bucket list.

Do you need any assistance in finding the right place in Playa del Carmen, and the right dolphin swim program for you?

Then continue reading, because this article will give you all the information you need for dolphin swim programs in Playa del Carmen!

How to get to the nearest Dolphinarium in Playa del Carmen

If you need directions to a dolphinarium from Playa del Carmen, then click on the interactive Google Maps for directions.

Not opening for some reason? Then here are some practical directions.

If you’re staying on 5th Avenue (La Quinta), make your way to the main highway. This is the street you took from Cancun to get to Playa del Carmen.

Just as you did when you came from Cancun, continue south.  Drive for about 11 miles, or about 22 minutes.  You should see “Dolphinaris Riviera Maya” on your right hand side.

5 Incredible Dolphin Swim Programs in Playa del Carmen

1.    Trainer for a Day

swim-with-dolphins-trainer-for-day-dolphin swim programs in playa del carmen



8 hours


Live a day in the life of a dolphin trainer with this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2.    Dolphin Swim & Ride

swim-with-dolphins-speed-ride-riviera-maya-dolphin swim programs in playa del carmen




1 Hour


Enjoy a belly-ride, and then put on a swimming mask and observe their behavior from beneath the surface!

3.    Dolphin Swim Program

dolphinaris-dolphin swim programs in playa del carmen




1 Hour


Fly through the air as a dolphin pushes you forward with our world-famous foot-push!

4.    Triple Adventure Program

dolphin swim programs in playa del carmen-triple-adventure-riviera-maya-park




3.5 Hours


Get three dolphin swims for the price of one!

Choose 3 of the following:

1.      Dolphin Interactive Program
2.      Dolphin Swim & Ride
3.      Boogie Push
4.      Dolphin Swim Program
5.      Snorkel

5.    Dolphin Swim Speed Ride
swim-with-dolphins-speed-ride-riviera-maya-dolphin swim programs in playa del carmen




40 Minutes


Are you in a hurry? This is the dolphin program for you then!

Enjoy one of the following:

Foot Push

Boogie Ride

Belly Ride

Unbelievable Money Saving Promotions for Dolphin Swim Programs in Playa del Carmen

Guess what?

Right now, at Dolphinaris, there are INCREDIBLE money-saving promotions for dolphin swim programs in Playa del Carmen.

Check them out below! All you have to do, is buy them online!

1.    50% Off the Triple Adventure Program

2.    50% Off the Dolphin Swim & Ride Program

3.    Free Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park Admission

4.    50% Off Dolphin Swim Program

5.    50% Off Trainer for a Day Program

6.    Free Transportation

How to find these deals? Click below!




11 Surprising Bottlenose Dolphins Facts You Didn’t Know

11 Surprising Bottlenose Dolphins Facts You Didn’t Know

Bottlenose dolphins are incredible creatures that absolutely fascinate us.


Because humans and bottlenose dolphins actually share some essential features like, we both…

  • have large brains in comparison with our bodies
  • are social creatures that live close to our families and friends
  • are warm-blooded mammals

In a way, they are our brethren of the sea!

If you love dolphins, and want to learn some interesting bottlenose dolphin facts you didn’t know before, please read on.

Here are 11 Amazing Bottlenose Dolphins Facts You Didn’t Know

1.    Dolphins have bigger brains than we do

dolphin brain versus human brain - interesting bottlenose dolphin facts

The average human brain weighs 1300 grams. A bottlenose dolphin? 1600 grams!

That’s a 23% difference!

In all fairness, humans have a superior brain-to-body mass ratio. Nevertheless, dolphins display an excellent intelligence in the form of “emotions, social cognition, and even theory of mind”.

2.    Dolphins can dive as deep as 990 feet!

dolphin brain versus human brain - interesting bottlenose dolphin facts

Normally, dolphins don’t dive that deep however. Their diet tends to be in more shallow water.

How did a dolphin end up diving nearly 1000 feet? A Navy trained dolphin named Tuffy used to help lost divers and carry messages.

3.    Dolphins can cover their blowhole

dolphin closed blowhole- surprising bottlenose dolphin facts

They actually have a “muscular flap” that closes while swimming, and opens once they are above water.

4.    Dolphins must decide when to breathe

dolphin coming up for air- fun bottlenose dolphin facts

Humans are involuntary breathers. It just happens.

But dolphins have to make a choice to stop what they are doing and rise above the surface for a breather.

5.    Dolphins can only sleep half a brain at a time

dolphins sleep half a brain a time-surprising bottlenose dolphin facts

Because they must voluntarily surface to breathe, this means they can never fully fall asleep.

6.    Dolphins have nearly a 360 degree field of vision

Dolphins have nearly a 360 degree field of vision-interesting bottlenose dolphin facts

Dolphins have their on the side of their head. Not only that, but each eye can move independently.

Even more impressive? They can change the shape of their lens, so they can see above/underwater equally.

7.    Dolphins give themselves names

dolphins have names- amazing bottlenose dolphin facts

When they get separated from their pod, they will call out their own name, so the pod can find them.

8.    Dolphins can see with their ears

dolphins echolocation -fun bottlenose dolphin facts

You’ve probably heard about it before. It’s called echolocation.

They make a sound, and then wait for the sound wave to collide with an object. Then it bounces back and provides them with “the shape, size, speed, distance and location of the object”.

Amazing, huh?

9.    Dolphins like to surf

It’s true. When they see a gnarly wave, they go for it.

Watch the video above you don’t believe me. =)

10. Dolphins like to blow bubbles underwater

Dolphins are very playful. Need proof? Take a look at the video above to watch a dolphin joyfully blowing bubbles just for fun.

11. Dolphin fetus’ grow hind legs!

dolphins grow hind legs-surprising bottlenose dolphin facts

They eventually withdraw back inside the body and vanish before birth.

However, sometimes they don’t as evidenced by a Japanese fisherman in 2006. See the photo above to see.

Well dolphin lovers… that was 11 fun bottlenose dolphin facts you didn’t know. We hope you enjoyed!









Learn About 5 Scary Consequences to Ocean Acidification

Learn About 5 Scary Consequences to Ocean Acidification

We’ve all heard it before: climate change is affecting our planet. And not in a good way.

But most of what we hear, is about how climate change will affect our atmosphere.

In this article, we’ll cover a less-discussed, but just-as-important climate change issue: ocean acidification.

Read this article to learn…

  1. How ocean acidification happens
  2. And 5 scary consequences to ocean acidification
  3. What will happen if we don’t slow down ocean acidification
  4. How to slow down ocean acidification
  5. A summary of the above points

Let’s get started!

A.      How ocean acidification happens

Since the industrial revolution, we have begun to burn a lot of fossil fuels. In doing so, we have released a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air.

As we mentioned earlier, we know that CO2 affects the atmosphere. But what most people don’t know, is that CO2  affects our oceans.

ocean acification diagram-Consequences to Ocean Acidification - Dolphinaris in Cozumel

Eventually…some of that CO2 falls back down into our oceans. How much?

Our oceans have absorbed about HALF of all human-produced CO2 emissions.

When CO2 dissolves in our oceans, it increases hydrogen ions. Those hydrogen ions, then bond with carbonate ions to form carbonic acid. This leads to a lower ocean pH level.

In other words…

When we pollute into the air, the ocean gets more acidic.

Take a look at the diagram below to see an illustration.
future and past ocean ph levels-Consequences to Ocean Acidification - Dolphinaris in Playa del Carmen

You see? The higher the CO2, the lower the ocean pH levels (lower pH, means more acidic).

Now let’s examine…

 5 scary consequences to ocean acidification.

1.       Pteropods

Sometimes called a “sea butterfly”, pteropods are tiny marine creatures. They’re actually about the size of a small pea.

While they may be small in stature, they are largely connected to the food web of the ocean.

Many fish, and even krill, have pteropods as part of their diet, or eat animals that eat pteropods.

Watch what happens to a pteropod’s shell after spending 45 days in sea water with a pH level of 7.8 (more on this later).

pteropods dissolving 45 days-Consequences to Ocean Acidification- Dolphinaris

As you can see—almost overnight—the pteropod’s shell rapidly dissolved.

2.       Shellfish

As we mentioned earlier, due to CO2 pollution, carbonate ions are bonding with hydrogen ions.

Why is this important?

Because shellfish need carbonate ions to help form their protective shells made of calcium carbonate (CaCo3).

Shellfish include mollusks, crustaceans, sea-urchins, crabs, planktons and other marine species.

These species are being robbed of a fundamental building block necessary to their survival.

3.       Fish

While fish aren’t don’t suffer the same dire consequences, they are still affected nonetheless.

They need to expel any excess acid. How? Through their gills, kidneys, and intestines. This process takes precious energy. Energy that could have been used to digest food or escape predators.

It also means fish sizes will get smaller.

fish shrinking in size due to climate change-consequences to ocean acidification - Dolphinaris in Barcelo

4.       Coral reefs

Coral reefs are also composed of calcium carbonate. They use it to build their “hard skeleton”. This is especially true in the early stages of development.

With more carbonate ions bonding with hydrogen ions, that means less carbonate ions available for coral reefs.

The result?

A more brittle coral reef that has trouble reproducing.

coral reefs in florida keys 1980-2010-Consequences to Ocean Acidification- Dolphinaris in Tulum

Not only can entire coral reefs die, but the organisms that depend on it as well.

These species include red snapper and grouper.

5.       Future Ocean pH Levels

We know CO2 pollution is getting worse. This also means, our ocean’s pH level will also continue to decrease (meaning more acidic).

Remember that pteropod shell we showed you dissolving?

That was in seawater with a pH level of 7.8.

As you can see above, scientists predict our ocean will reach a pH level of 7.8 in less than a century.
co2 and ph levels in ocean graph diagram-Consequences to Ocean Acidification - Dolphinaris in Cancun

What can you do to stop ocean acidification?

It would be nearly impossible to stop ocean acidification.

But what we can do is, slow it down. This will give our ocean a chance to acclimate to the new pH level.

So how we slow down ocean acidification?

By weening ourselves off fossil fuels.

This means using…

  • Solar panels like Tesla’s new shingle-shaped solar roofs.
  • Public transportation that consolidates travelers into one vehicle.
  • Supporting green companies and organizations
  • Attempting to shrink your carbon footprint

How big is your carbon footprint? Find out with this cool carbon footprint calculator.


  1. Burning fossil fuels leads to climate change.
  2. Climate change leads to higher levels of CO2 pollution in our ocean.
  3. A higher ocean pH level leads to ocean acidification.
  4. Ocean acidification prevents shellfish and coral reefs from forming shells.
  5. In the end, our ocean suffers because everything is connected ecologically.

This concludes our article ‘Learn About 5 Scary Consequences to Ocean Acidification’. If you enjoyed, please Like or Share on Facebook! Let us know in the comments below any clever ways you have been able to shrink your carbon footprint.










Find the Nearest Dolphinarium in the Riviera Maya This 4th of July

How to Find the Nearest Dolphinarium in the Riviera Maya This 4th of July
4th of july promotion for dolphin swims - dolphinaris - riviera maya's best dolphinariums

Swimming with a dolphin can be an absolutely magical experience. For many, it’s experience they take with them forever.

They forget the margaritas and burritos. They forget the sandy beaches and warm sunshine.

What they end up talking about so many years later, is that majestic dolphin swim they had.

Ready to take a dolphin swim you’ll never forget?

Then let’s find the nearest dolphinarium in the Riviera Maya with a money-saving promotion.

Dolphinariums in the Riviera Maya Closest to You This 4th of July

1.      Cancun
Dolphinariums in the Riviera Maya Closest to You -swimming-with-dolphins-cancun-dolphinaris

Google Maps Location

Promotion URL

Recommended Dolphin Program

Dolphin Interactive Program

Program Duration

1 Hour

Program Includes

  • Orientation session
  • Introduction to dolphin behavior and physiology
  • Personal interaction with our friendly dolphins
  • Dolphin kiss
  • Greet & wave

2.      Playa del Carmen (Riviera Maya)
Dolphinariums in the Riviera Maya Closest to You-dolphinaris riviera maya - playa del carmen

Google Maps Location

Promotion URL

Recommended Dolphin Program

Triple Adventure

Program Duration

3.5 Hours

Program Includes

Includes 3 of 5 different PROGRAMS

  • Dolphin Interactive Program
  • Dolphin Swim & Ride
  • Boogie Push
  • Dolphin Swim Program
  • Snorkel

3.      Puerto Venturas (Barcelo Hotel)
Nearest Dolphinarium in the Riviera Maya -swimming-with-dolphins-barcelo-riviera-maya

Google Maps Location

Promotion URL

Recommended Dolphin Program

Dolphin Swim & Ride

Program Duration

1 Hour

Program Includes

  • Introduction to dolphin behavior and physiology
  • Personal interaction with our friendly dolphins
  • Dolphin kiss
  • Greet & wave
  • Belly ride
  • Time to swim with diving masks

4. Tulum (Bahia Principe Resort)
How to Find the Nearest Dolphinarium in the Riviera Maya This 4th of July-dolphinaris in tulum

Google Maps Location

Promotion URL

Recommended Dolphin Program

Trainer for a Day

Program Duration

6.5 Hours

Program Includes

  • Orientation session
  • Backstage tour
  • Introduction to dolphin behavior and physiology
  • Training behaviors
  • Three activities with dolphins
  • Behavior training session
  • Diving session (20 min)
  • Dolphin swim program
  • Personal interaction with a dolphin
  • T- shirt with the Dolphin Paint Activity
  • Trainer-for-a-Day Certificate
  • Lunch included.
  • Two pre selected printed photographs

5. Cozumel
Nearest Dolphinarium in the Riviera Maya -dolphinaris cozumel

Google Maps Location

Promotion URL

Recommended Dolphin Program

Dolphin Ride Program

Program Duration

1 Hour

Program Includes

  • Introduction to dolphin behavior and physiology
  • Personal interaction with our friendly dolphins
  • Dolphin kiss
  • Greet & wave
  • Belly ride
  • Time to swim with diving masks

So as you can see…

No matter where you are in the Riviera Maya, there’s a dolphinarium near you.

So this 4th of July, don’t settle for just beers & burgers. Go the extra mile. Do something magical.

Do something you and your family will NEVER EVER forget.

Book a Once-in-a-Lifetime Dolphin Swim at Dolphinaris this 4th of July (and Save BIG Bucks!)

Click the link below to book!



Find the Top 12 Kid-Friendly All Inclusive Resorts in Cancun

Find the Top 12 Kid-Friendly All Inclusive Resorts in Cancun

All Inclusive Resorts in Cancun for families - Crown Paradise Club Cancun

Some people think all-inclusive resorts in Cancun are just for alcohol-thirsty college students.

They’re wrong.

There’s actually plenty of child-friendly all-inclusive resorts in Cancun. Need help finding them?

No worries. We’ve built a list just for you.

It includes:

  • Hotel Name
  • Website URL
  • Trip Advisor Review Snippet + Link

Top 12 Family-Friendly All-Inclusive Resorts in Cancun

1.      Moon Palace Cancun

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review
Review Link

“My husband & I brought our family of 20 to Moon Palace Sunrise for a week long gathering. With grandchildren age 1-18, we spent most of our time at the pools and on the Flowrider… Anything we asked for, they all did their best to make it happen…  It was over the top service!! I cannot say enough about this team.”

2.      Iberostar Cancun

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

“Overall our trip was awesome. The people were so kind and remembered us by name every day! There was never a time we needed something and couldn’t get it. I would suggest going to this resort with your family because there are activities every day and lots of fun!”


3.      Paradisus Cancun All Inclusive

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

“Our best family vacation ever!
(We have 2 kids 8 and 10. We live in Atlanta and My wife is 36 and I am 46)

Our initial reaction upon arriving at the hotel was “WOW”…

The staff at this place is unbelievable. Always very helpful and without a doubt the best service we’ve encountered (Hawaii, Cabo, Barbados, Jamaica..St Thomas.. you name it)…

I have hardly ever reviewed anything but felt compelled to share our experience. A great trip can really create lasting family memories and this one was no exception!”

4.      Gran Caribe Resort Cancun

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

“This resort and staff made our family vacation a wonderful experience. We celebrated my daughters 15th birthday and not only was the staff and environment GREAT, but they went above and beyond to make sure our needs and wants were met. A HUGE thank you to Sara for the awesome massage on the beach for myself and my daughters. Along with a huge thank you to Fernando Rivera for going to the extra mile to make my daughters special vacation memorable. We will indeed be returning.”

5.      Fiesta Americana Villas Cancun

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

“They really go out of their way to make things more comfortable – I was celebrating a special birthday with my whole family, and the staff kept surprising us with small things – cakes, decorations on the bed…From the staff at the reception area, to the waiters, especially at breakfast, to the small store within the hotel, to the staff at the very peaceful SPA- they all tried and succeeded in making my trip the best experience. I highly recommend this hotel, you will really feel like you are with a family – smiles and friendliness everywhere you go.”

6.      Royal Solaris Cancun

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

Awesome experience. Friendly and helpful staff. Royal Solaris made my family and friends feel at home. I will definitely recommend this hotel. We will be coming back next year to celebrate my daughter’s Sweet Sixteen.”

7.      The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

“ Such a great place for families! We stayed here in December and we loved it!! My husband and I had been to Cancun before and we were excited to return with our kids. We had never stayed at the Westin Laguna Mar before and it was SO great!!…We loved this hotel and will definitely return.”

8.      Omni Cancun Resort & Villas

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

“Awesome family vacation.Where do I start? The service here is impeccable.They have a passion for service at the Omni and it shows in all they do. The Villas are very nice, comfortable and ours had a backdoor to the beach area…Not much of a night life here but close to downtown if that is your kind of thing. This is a great family vacation spot especially if doing the all inclusive thing.You will get your money’s worth here. We will def be going back here in the future.”

9.      Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

“Once again, Hard Rock Cancun knocked it out of the park with great service & making you feel right at home. … You would have to go far & wide to find 2 any better!!! We traveled as a group of 10, 6 adults & 4 children (ages 8-15). Anything we needed, they got for us.”

10.  Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

“Entertainment staff was amazing!! Me and my family just got back and loved this place! The entertainment staff was great! They always kept us laughing and entrained! It was stuff for adults and kids could participate in too! We never had to leave the resort… Would defiantly come back in the future!”

11.  Crown Paradise Club Cancun

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

“Fantastic Kid Loving Hotel… We had such a great time here. This hotel has a great kids water play area where you can check your kids in and come back and pick them up later. The staff is so friendly and great with the kids. Not only do they have a water play area with slides but they also do activities with the kids so they’re not out in the sun the whole time, art, movies, basketball, water balloon fun. ..We will be going back.”

12.  Royal Sands Cancun

Hotel Website


Trip Advisor Review

Review Link

“Service is second to none. Family friendly vacation destination… My family of 4 visited the Royal Sands, Cancun this week. I can’t say enough great things about the service, staff, activities and amenities at the Royal Sands resorts. Their staff was attentive to each and every way they could make our stay enjoyable and relaxing, from check in, daily activities, the spa, classes or coordinating dinner and transportation (Jimmy and Saul). After a week, it felt like we were leaving friends”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the Top 12 Kid-Friendly All Inclusive Resorts in Cancun

You Looking for a Fun Go-Kart Track in Cancun’s Hotel Zone?

You Looking for a Fun Go-Kart Track in Cancun’s Hotel Zone?

cancun go-karts - grand prix - ventura park

Many people come to Cancun for the wild parties, and the drinking.

But did you know Cancun has family-friendly parks as well?

Many families come to Cancun looking for family-friendly activities. What family-friendly activities are available in Cancun?

Go-kart racing in Cancun! Where can you drive a go-kart in Cancun?

Come to the best family-friendly park in all of Cancun: Ventura Park

Reasons to Drive a Go-Kart in Cancun at Ventura Park:

1.      The perfect activity for young children

family-friendly go-kart track in cancun - grand prix

Kids always have to take a backseat—literally. They never get to be fully in charge.

Just imagine the look on their faces when they hit the gas pedal. And don’t worry, all go-karts come with a professional 4-point seatbelt. The same ones found in professional racecars.

Not only that, but they feature a very low-center of gravity as well.

Give them the liberty the liberty they’ve always dream of: being in the driver’s seat!

2.      It’s also fun for teenagers and adults (in other words, fun for the WHOLE family)

family-friendly go-kart track in cancun hotel zone- grand prix

Go-karts at Ventura Park are not just for kids. Everyone enjoys them!

Picture this:

A younger brother is trying to beat his older brother by racing past him. Finally, I will beat him in something, thinks the younger brother.

Then out of nowhere, another go-kart races past, and takes first place. Who was it? Mom!

When was the last time the WHOLE family had fun together? Racing go-karts at Ventura Park’s Grand Prix is your chance.

3.      It’s a safe way to simulate a real car race

grandprix - go karts - cancun - ventura park

We all get a heavy foot every now and then. But let’s face it. It’s not safe, and it could result in a costly traffic ticket.

Who wants to risk that?

Take no chances and race the safe way: by visiting Grand Prix at Ventura Park!

4.      Drive at your own speed (putting the pedal to the metal is not required)

child-friendly go-karts in cancun - ventura park

Maybe you’re not the adrenaline-seeking type. No matter. You’re under no obligation to put the petal to the medal.

If you prefer to drive at a more leisurely pace, feel free!

5.      Earn family bragging rights—forever!


Let’s be honest here. Whoever wins the family race, will never let this go. And why should they?

Winning a go-kart race at Ventura Park’s Grand Prix is the perfect way earn bragging rights forever.

6.      Enjoy the ocean breeze

cancun go-kart racing-ventura park

Here’s what’s unique about Grand Prix at Ventura Park:

It’s a stone’s throw away from the ocean. You can see it. You can smell its alluring fragrance.

What a great way to set the mood huh?

Visit Grand Prix at Ventura Park, the only seaside go-kart track in Cancun.

7.      The need for speed

You Looking for a Fun Go-Kart Track in Cancun's Hotel ZoneGo-Kart Track in Cancun’s

How fast do the go-karts at Ventura Park’s Grand Prix go?

You get to go a blazing 36 feet per second. Not bad huh?

Now the question is…

Can you maintain that speed throughout the 820-foot track?

Fulfill your need for speed at Grand Prix, only at Ventura Park!