The 6 Best Places in the World to Zipline

The 6 Best Places in the World to Zipline

Who doesn’t get jealous when they look up at the sky and see an eagle flying through the air, relishing its untethered freedom? Heck, we can’t even move that fast on the ground. What I would give, just to have a bird’s eye view, for even a moment! Well, guess what? You don’t have to imagine or fantasize. You just need to zipline somewhere remarkable! Soar through the air at exhilarating speeds, and enjoy the vantage point impossible to most humans. At least, non-ziplining humans.

The question now becomes…where in the world to zipline? The location must present 3 conditions in order to be one of the best places in the world to zipline.

  • A Breathtaking View
  • Face-Jiggling Velocity
  • An Inspiring Safety Record

With that considered, let’s take a look at 6 of the best places in the world to zipline.

  1. Selvatica (Cancun, Mexico)

Selvatica is undeniably not short on accolades. Rated the top outdoor attraction on TripAdvisor for 5 consecutive years. Not to be outdone, it was also listed as Trip Advisor’s “Top Ten World Adventures”. Why are people leaving thousands of positive reviews on Trip Advisor about Selvatica?

Selvatica has an electrifying 14 zipline circuit that spans over 1.5 miles. Fly like an eagle over the Mayan jungles of Cancun at a speed of 25 mph. And in case you were wondering, all of Selvatica’s tours (they also have an ATV tour, bungee jump, and wobbly aerial bridges) are certified by Association for Challenge Course Technology. There’s a reason why people can’t stop buzzing about Selvatica.

  1. Ventura Park (Cancun, Mexico)

Ventura Park is a galaxy of fun. There are many different worlds, each with their own unique set of entertainment options. One of those worlds is called Aaahventura. Aaahventura features many adrenaline-pumping choices like ziplining. Enjoy the view of the sparkling Caribbean Sea while you sail through the air at an altitude of 80 feet.

The great part about Ventura Park is that you have so many different things to do after you zipline. You can go to Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park. You can go to Dolphinaris and swim with a dolphin. You can scratch another item off your bucket list and go bungee jumping. The world is at your fingertips at Ventura Park. And yes, all of their entertainment options are certified by Association for Challenge Course Technology.

  1. Flying Fox (Great Wall of China in Simatai)

How many of the Seven Wonders of the World have you seen? Well if you want to scratch one off your list, come to Simatai, China. Built in the 6th century, led by General Qi Jiguan, the Great Wall of China is a sight to behold. You can hike your way to the top. If you’re feeling lazy, or have a disability, you can take a chairlift. Then, take the zipline called the “Flying Fox” straight to the bottom. The zipline was renovated for maximum safety in 2011.

  1. Flightline (Safari at San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park)

Experience astonishing sights while you glide over the San Diego Zoo on their zipline called Flightline. Get a bird’s eye view of the rhinos, giraffes, and other wildlife at an impressive height of 130 feet. Once you’re done with the 2/3 mile zipline, you finish off at their campground called Kilima Point. Relive the memories for years to come with their helmet-cam.

  1. Zip Rider (Alaska Icy Strait Point)

Icy Strait Point in Hoonah, Alaska features the world’s largest zipline ride. Six people, start off, side by side, each in their own lane, and zip to the bottom as a race. This zipline features a spine-tingling 1,300-foot drop! The whole zipline takes over 90 seconds to complete. Take in the beautiful tree covered mountains while traveling over 60 mph!

  1. Labadee, Haiti

If you take a Royal Caribbean Cruise through Haiti, you’re in luck! Catering particularly to Royal Caribbean passengers, Labadee, Haiti offers a spectacular zipline over the dazzling Caribbean Sea. The whole zipline spans over 2,600 feet while traveling at 40 mph. You start at the mountain and finish in the sea. Doesn’t get much better than that huh?

If you want 6 of the best places in the world to zipline, try the above-mentioned sites, and you’re sure to take the experience with you forever. With these 6 stunning ziplines, you can at last fly like an eagle. Really.

“Buffet Gourmet” – Sundeck Lounge

Buffet Gourmet” ahora en Dolphinaris Cancún

¿Quieres nadar con delfines y luego disfrutar de comida gourmet al costado de una alberca infinito en nuestra hermosa terraza?

¡Pues en Dolphinaris Cancún tenemos una propuesta especial para ti!

Haz una reserva para nadar con delfines en Dolphinaris Cancún y recibe el servicio de buffet de nuestro exclusivo Sundeck Lounge.


¡Nuestros amigos marinos, los delfines!

Todo el mundo quiere nadar con delfines. La inteligencia atrae inteligencia. Por esta razón, las personas siempre han estado fascinadas con los delfines, al igual que ellos sienten curiosidad por interactuar con los humanos. Los delfines son criaturas muy listas y además sociales, de comportamiento inocente y amigable. No nos sorprende que muchas personas hayan soñado toda su vida, de querer nadar con delfines. Pero a pesar de todo, solo algunos tienen la oportunidad de hacerlo. Aquí en Dolphinaris Cancún, ¡podemos hacer tu sueño realidad!


Dolphinaris Cancún: el lugar perfecto para nadar con delfines.

Dolphinaris es una organización altamente ética, por eso nuestra prioridad es ocuparnos de nuestros amigos los delfines. En Dolphinaris colaboramos con universidades en México y Estados Unidos, para facilitar la protección de estos majestuosos animales acuáticos, y con la misma razón por la que invertimos en la conservación de su hábitat natural.

Los comportamientos de los delfines

Dolphinaris Cancún te permite interactuar con delfines en un ambiente seguro y cómodo, tanto para ti como para ellos. En Dolphinaris ofrecemos diferentes programas para el nado con delfines. Aprende más acerca de estos programas aquí para comparar tu nado. Permita que nuestros especializados entrenadores le den a usted y su familia las siguientes tres opciones para un nado seguro con delfines:

Foot Push”: un increíble delfín lo empuja de sus pies, en un recorrido excitante a toda velocidad a lo largo de la laguna.

Belly Ride”: un traslado de barriga con barriga, toma con tus manos las aletas pectorales del delfín para una inolvidable experiencia recorriendo el piletón.

“Boogie Push”: en esta maniobra el delfín te empujará por tus pies mientras sostienes una tabla de boogie abriendo camino por el agua a una velocidad sensacional.

Nadar con delfines en Dolphinaris Cancún es inolvidable, asegurando diversión para toda la familia, hasta los más pequeños (hay una restricción por altura para los menores a 1,22 mts.).


¿Alguien dijo, comida gourmet y bebidas ilimitadas? “Buffet Sundeck Lounge”

Cuando realizas una reserva para cualquiera opción de nado con delfines en Dolphinaris Cancún, recibes una promoción especial: Buffet en el Sundeck Lounge.

El Sundeck Lounge ofrece bebidas y comida gourmet al costado de una impactante alberca infinito. Esta exclusiva experiencia VIP, es perfecta para darle fin a un maravilloso día nadando con delfines. Sundeck Lounge tiene una deliciosa variedad en platillos de cocina fusión mexicana para que usted elija. Para los niños tenemos ping pong, hockey aéreo o futbolito en esta área para que usted se relaje en el deck de nuestra alberca infinito. La ventaja de que Sundeck Lounge, este ubicado en la terraza es que podrás saludar a nuestros amigos acuáticos, desde ahí podrás observar los delfines.

Mira este video de lo que Sundeck Lounge tiene para ofrecer.


La mejor propuesta en Cancún

¿Ya te mencionamos la nueva propuesta que tenemos en Dolphinaris Cancún? Comida y Bebidas ilimitadas… sí, has leído bien, reserva ahora para asegurar hoy tu lugar, puedes hacerlo en línea a través del chat con nuestros agentes y consulta sobre nuestro buffet en Dolphinaris Cancún.

¡Nadar con delfines y disfrutar de un buffet gourmet, esto no puede ponerse mejor!

Reserva ahora. Te garantizamos un día inolvidable.








Cancun’s New Oceanfront Theme Park

Cancun’s New Oceanfront Theme Park

 Are you coming to Cancun soon? Are you looking for something new to try for the whole family? Well, guess what, Cancun is about to open a brand new oceanfront theme park named Ventura Park!

Cancun’s Ventura Park is unlike anything you have seen before. Situated in Cancun’s dazzling oceanfront, it will feature wild waterslides, a full dolphinarium, and a host of other fun activities like zip-lining, go-karting and a swing-carousel.


There are two different types of waterslides. The first is more peaceful and relaxing. This is best when you simply want to cool off from the hot tropical heat while at the same time enjoy a tranquil inner-tube ride. If that’s what you’re looking for, Lazy River is a perfect choice, but there are many more.

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you enjoy adrenaline rushes?  Or perhaps you want to try something new. Well, Ventura Park has plenty of waterslides for you. Take for example, the Double Space Bowl. This extraordinary waterslide features you quickly gliding down a slide 50 feet high at more than 30 miles per hour!

Whether you like to take it easy or pursue adventure, Ventura Park’s wide selection of waterslides have you covered.


Everyone wants to swim with dolphins. Whether you’re a grown adult or a kid in grade school, swimming with dolphins is an opportunity everyone dreams of. Well, stop dreaming, wake up and open your eyes to Ventura Park’s full dolphinarium. Here you can interact with these clever and friendly creatures in many ways.

For example, there is the “foot push”, where the dolphin propels you forward by pushing his nose on your foot. There’s also the “dorsal-ride” which allows you to hold on to two dolphin fins, as they race forward. Perhaps you want to try something gentler with the dolphin. Imagine the Facebook likes you’ll get when your friends see you getting a kiss on the cheek by a dolphin!

New Activities

Waterslides & Dolphins, what more can you ask for? Well, this is what makes Ventura Park so special and unique. Not only are there waterslides and dolphins, but there are many other activities like zip-lining, go-karting, virtual reality games, and a theater!

All that fun is going to get the stomach growling. Well, don’t worry. Ventura Park’s Sundeck Lounge features delicious and exquisite cuisine. Not only that, but it has a ping-pong, foosball and air-hockey table. So while you and your spouse and lay back and enjoy the terrace top view, your kids can play a variety of games. There isn’t a better way to cap off an entertaining day at Cancun’s new oceanfront theme park!

Your trip to Cancun is incomplete without visiting Ventura Park! Tell your Hotel or Travel Agency that you want to make a booking for Cancun’s New Oceanfront Theme-Park, Ventura Park!