4 Reasons Why Ventura Park’s Arcade is Amazing & Futuristic

4 Reasons Why Ventura Park’s Arcade is Amazing & Futuristic

virtual reality htc vive - underworld-Ventura Park’s Arcade

When you think of Cancun, you think of beaches and sun.

But there’s much more you can do on your Cancun family vacation. Like what?

Consider Ventura Park’s futuristic & amazing arcade for instance. Why? Because this arcade is fun for the whole family—not just gamers.

It features cutting edge technology you won’t find ANYWHERE else in Mexico (maybe even not back home either!).

Want to hear why everyone is buzzing about Ventura Park’s futuristic arcade? Great.

Then let’s read about…

The 4 Reasons Why Ventura Park’s Arcade is Amazing & Futuristic

1.    Star Wars Battle Pod

From the outside, it may look like any other arcade game. However…

Once you step inside, you realize its clever setup. Once you step inside, you close the door behind.

Then you sit down in the control center, and realize that you’re not looking at a flat screen.

No. This offers a semi-circular line of sight that completely surrounds you.

The result? It makes you feel like you’re truly flying a Star Wars Battle pod.

2.    The Mission

We’ve all seen it before in a movie…a high-stakes diamond heist accomplished by avoiding an array of laser alarms.

Ever wonder, ‘hmmm, I wonder if I could pull that off, do I have the body control to navigate through a laser maze without setting off the alarm?’

Well stop wondering! Head on over to Ventura Park’s futuristic arcade and find out today.  (Check out the video above to see The Mission.

Skip to 10 seconds

3.    Virtual Reality by HTC

At Ventura Park’s futuristic arcade you can experience the very latest in virtual reality technology.

Put on the ultra-powerful HTC Vive virtual reality headset on and open your eyes in a completely different world. Yes. It’s that awesome.

Can you navigate through a haunted house without getting frightened? You may be saying “of course I could!”, but until you’ve experienced true virtual reality, you’re just guessing.

Check out the video above to get a glimpse of what everyone in the tech world has been buzzing about: Virtual Reality!

4.    Virtualizer by Cyberith

The HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset is amazing. In fact, most people who talk about ”Virtual Reality” are speaking only of the headset.

And the headset truly is impressive on its own. However…

Ventura Park’s futuristic arcade takes Virtual Reality to a WHOLE different level.  How?

With Cyberith’s Virtualizer!

Think about it. If you’re wearing a headset, how are you going to walk without bumping into walls?

Good question, right? The answer? The Virtualizer!

This allows you to walk, run safely in place without actually advancing forward. They strap you in at the hip, so falling over is impossible!

Check out the explanatory video above to get a better idea of just how much The Virtualizer adds to the VR experience.

Skip to 2 minutes to see it in action.

5.    Laser Battle Tanks

Laser tag and bumper cars is so yesterday…


It’s all about Laser Battle Tanks. It blends the best of both worlds for a totally new experience!

Just don’t get shot…or you’re going for a 360 spin!

Check out the video above for a demonstration.

You see, Cancun offers much more than just beaches and sun. If you come to Ventura Park, you can experience the very latest in arcade game experiences. Book online and get discounts!